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About the Position

The ASAC Tutoring Lab and Referral List Tutors provide academic support in over 30 academic disciplines. They are trained in helping students to develop study habits and master challenging content, and in meeting the diverse needs of AU students.

Basic requirements for becoming a peer tutor: Peer tutors must...

  • be current AU students,

  • have received an A or A- in the course(s) they tutor,

  • be in good academic and conduct standing, and

  • attend trainings before the start of and over the course of the semester.

Position options: 

  1. In-house tutoring in the Tutoring Lab, for selected undergraduate classes (check the list of classes offered). In this case the tutor will have a fixed (though flexible) schedule, fixed income, paid training, and will meet the students in the ASAC. Full position description here.

  2. Tutoring via the referral system: In this case, the ASAC provides peer tutors' names and email addresses to students seeking tutors in their subject(s). Students pay the tutor directly, unless they belong to a program that provides free tutoring. Students and peer tutors set their tutoring schedules. Tutors can choose to work with as many or as few students as their schedule allows. Referral list tutors can choose to go 'inactive' at any time after communicating their changes status to

Please note: Tutoring Lab Peer Tutors can also serve as Referral List Tutors and vice versa.

Pay rate for Tutoring Lab and Referral List Tutors:

  • Undergraduate students earn $14/hour

  • Graduate students earn $15/hour

The Application Process

Students interested in tutoring should apply to the Academic Support and Access Center's Tutoring Services. There are two steps to apply to become a peer tutor:

  1. Complete and submit the application

  2. Provide one faculty recommendation from the academic discipline in which you are applying to provide the most tutoring support, from the highest level course completed in the discipline. Directions: Download this Electronic Recommendation Form, complete the top section, save the document, and then send it to the faculty member. Instruct them to email it to or to deliver paper copies to: Tutoring, Academic Support and Access Center, American University, Mary Graydon Center 243, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016-8027.

Students selected for an interview will be contacted by a staff member.