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Peer Tutor Information

Tutoring Services peer tutors include both undergraduate and graduate students from every school and collectively offer tutoring in over 39 subject areas. From Farsi, to finance, to physics, peer tutors share their knowledge and passion for their subject with other students.  

Here are some of the basics of our peer tutoring service: 

  • Peer tutors are current AU students
  • Peer tutors must have received an A or A- in the course(s) they want to tutor
  • Peer tutors have to be in good academic and conduct standing
  • Peer tutors are paid $14/hour

Position options: 

  1. In-house tutoring in the Tutoring Lab, for selected undergraduate classes (check the list of classes offered). In this case the tutor will have a fixed (though flexible) schedule, fixed income, paid training, and will meet the students in the ASAC.

  2. Tutoring via the referral system: In this case, we will provide peer tutors' names and email addresses to students seeking a tutor in their subject(s). Students will pay the tutor directly, unless they belong to a program that provides free tutoring. Student and peer tutor set their tutoring schedules. Tutors can choose to work with as many or as few students as their schedule allows. Peer tutors can choose to go 'inactive' at any time.


The Application Process

Students interested in tutoring should apply to the Academic Support and Access Center's Tutoring Services. Applications can be filled out online. Students selected for an interview will be contacted by a staff member.