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Supplemental Instruction

The Best Freebie on Campus!

Are you going nuts with your Financial Accounting class? Are you losing sleep over supply and demand curves? Are derivatives getting you down? Well, good news–you’re at the right place! Supplemental Instruction is just what you need to see the light (and then turn it off and have a good night sleep for a change!)

Our SI leaders will guide you through problems and hard concepts until you will understand them as easily as your own grandma’s recipe for apple pie.

But wait, we haven't told you who the SI leaders are…

They are great students who excelled in the same difficult classes you’re taking now (i.e. financial accounting, macroeconomics, chemistry), so they know exactly what you’re going through right now.

SI sessions are helpful and because you get to:

  • ask questions,
  • discuss concepts
  • go over practice problem with other students
  • eat candy (sometimes)

Even more, the leaders can:

  • show you their successful study skills (they have some really fun ones!)
  • help you with your notes
  • and prepare for tests

So what are you waiting for? Check whether you class is supported and then start attending the sessions.

And remember, SI sessions are FREE to attend!


What students have said recently about SI

"It gives me more confidence in the material. It has been a great aid in studying."

"SI was a chance to test my knowledge of the material before I took the real exam."

"I didn't think it would help much at first. I got a B on the first exam. I started going to SI and got A's on the rest of the exams."

"The study skills in SI helped me get higher grades than ever before. I understood it for the first time in my life."

"It helped me push myself from a D to a C. I passed the course."