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Pass Rates and Educator Preparation Program Information

  1. Total number of full and part-time students enrolled in teacher education (including special education) during 2017-18: 145
  2. Total number of students in programs of supervised student teaching during academic year 2017-18: 50
  3. The clinical internship includes a minimum of 67 days. The total number of clock hours required for student teaching is 470 hours.
  4. Average GPA of undergraduate teacher education program completers (including special education completers): 3.54
  5. Average GPA of graduate level teacher education program completers (MAT and MS Special Education): 3.87
  6. The educator preparation programs at AU are approved by the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).
  7. Praxis Pass Rates: 2014-2015 (99%); 2015-2016 (94%); 2016-2017 (91%)