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Part of MPC's mission is to cultivate innovative cross-disciplinary metropolitan and urban research that helps to improve people's lives and public policy. We've accomplished this again and again by producing numerous publications with our findings. In the four years that we've been around, we've published 7 books and 50+ articles, completed 4 projects, and presented in over 115 countries & locations.


DC Area Survey

DC Area Survey

Studying neighborhood and resident well-being in the Washington, DC (DC) metropolitan area.

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Road Map Initiative

The Roadmap Initiative

Mapping the way to the Washington region's economic future.

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Walkability Policy Brief Chart

Walkability Preference Policy Brief

A roundtable discussion about the "walkability preference" proposal put forward by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

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In Preparation

  • Inaction as the Negative Space of Social Action
    Michael D. M. Bader.

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