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Congratulations on your commitment to pursue an advanced skill set that will position you as a leader with purpose for our next generation and, moreover, prepare you to confront the most pressing public challenges of our time.


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Admitted Student Checklists


✓ Celebrate your academic and professional achievements that led to your admission to one of the country's premier Public Affairs schools!

✓ Create an AU Student Account

✓ Submit your FAFSA (This information enables the American University Office of Financial Aid to consider you for Federal loan options.)

✓ Confirm your intention to join the SPA community by remitting your enrollment deposit.

✓ After rendering your deposit, schedule an in-person or telephone meeting with your Graduate Advisor! It is time to begin developing your academic plan that translates into your advanced skill set.

✓ As a confirmed and enrolled student in SPA, you have been added to our Blackboard site called “MySPA. MySPA is a closed environment where important information will be posted for you all throughout the summer months. We will share select positions on campus/in the School, scholarship and conference announcements, notifications of relevance and interest, as well as maintain a calendar of events pertinent to your impending graduate student life. Please note there are also ways to connect by degree inside the platform and encourage discussion about housing options, class selections, and other newsworthy matters among your peers. This is an important way to stay connected with the School and begin building relationships. You may login to MySPA by visiting Blackboard and clicking the blue "Login" button. Enter your username and password. Do not type in after your username or the login will fail. Click the "Log In" button to access Blackboard environment. You can then search for SPA-999-MySPA in the field labeled "Course Search."

✓ Access the new Graduate Student Checklist by following the navigation below:

  1. MyAU Portal Login
  2. Click on Life @ AU Tab
  3. Scroll down to "New Students" Tab
  4. Click "New Graduate Students" link
  5. Click "Start your Checklist"

✓ RSVP to SPA's New Master's Student Orientation (January 10, 2019) by emailing

✓ Submit official transcript(s) showing successful completion of bachelor's degree before the first day of the term. If your transcripts are in a language other than English, certified English language translations must be provided. Mail to SPA Graduate Admissions, Office of Enrollment, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016-8081, USA or email official e-transcripts to



✓ Connect and follow us on social media

✓ After submitting your deposit, you will be invited to join the 2018 AU SPA Admitted Grad Students Facebook group. (This offers a forum for you to get to know your new peers while engaging with our current Graduate Student Council (GSC) on issues like housing, internships, student life. The group is only open to students who have an email address.)

✓ Join us for a Virtual Topical Session. Please note the date and login information for our upcoming session.

American University announces the availability of a number of on-campus housing spaces available for graduate students during Spring 2019 semester. While this housing is only available for Spring 2019 semester, AU Housing may support graduate student's arrival and/or transition to a permanent location in DC after that first semester with AU. The housing application is available from now until January 7, 2019 on your AU Housing Portal and more information about on-campus housing costs are available on our Academic Year Rates page. Additional details about the housing application process can be found here.

✓ Visit American University's Off-Campus Housing site that offers access to living options in the area. The site also offers the opportunity to develop a student profile in an effort to identify potential roommates. Questions may be directed to or via telephone 202.885.2645.

Important Information

  1. Stay in touch...we are here to support you!
    Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  2. Use your AU email account only and always! All correspondence will now only be sent to your "" account. Please regularly monitor your inbox.
  3. Explore the portal. It contains a wealth of information that will inform and support your student life on campus.