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Staff Council's 5th Annual StaffCon

Staff Council hosted online sessions for our fifth annual StaffCon from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. on June 2nd. StaffCon is an annual forum, typically planned for Staff Appreication Week, for staff from across the university to digitally connect, engage, and reenergize with their colleagues.

Download the StaffCon 2020 Program (PDF)

Welcome Message from Andrew Toczydlowski, Council Chair


Schedule of Virtual Events

All AU staff are welcome to participate! Please register in advance (see program for more session details). Points to AhealthyU Game players can earn 1 point for joining the Morning Energizer and earn 2 points for joining afternoon sessions cosponsored by AhealthyU.

10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.: Morning Energizer
Co-sponsored by AU RecFit

11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.: Kindness in the Workplace with Dr. Patrick Malone
Co-sponsored by Key Executive Leadership Programs

12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m.: Cooking Demo
Co-sponsored by AhealthyU
Separate registration required on the AHealthyU website

1:00 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.: Session Block 1
Three (3) concurrent panel presentations

  • Breakout 1: "AU Event Planners Panel: Virtual Events 101" moderated by Tess Saffar, WCL (Panelists include Lisa Manning and Charles LeGette in SPA and Lindsay Studer in CTRL)
  • Breakout 2: "Staying Centered and Sane during Challenging Times - Friendship, Fitness, and Fun" with Professor Iris Krasnow (Separate registration is required; please visit the AhealthyU website)
  • Breakout 3: "What are my core values - and how can they help me set goals and be happier?"

2:00 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.: Session Block 2
Three (3) concurrent panel presentations

  • Breakout 1: "Radical Self-Care during the time of COVID-19" with Yoo-Jin Kang (co-sponsored by AU Health Promotion and Advocacy Center)
  • Breakout 2: "Help! I'm Sitting Too Much! Corrective Exercise for the Home Office" (co-sponsored by AU RecFit)
  • Breakout 3: "Ideas, Action, and Service in OUR Community"
  • Breakout 4: "Emotional Intelligence" (co-sponsored by ASuccessfulU)

3 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.: Social Break! Artist-led Sip 'n Paint with Chelsey Anderson, CAS/Staff Council Liaison

Two ways to Sip 'n Paint:

  1. Artist-led "Minfulness Drawing": Only requires a writing implement and paper (colored pencils or crayons are options), supplies note: Most grocery stores carry colored pencils and crayons
  2. Artist-led "Paint Night": Breakout the craft bin and find the following supplies:
  • Paint: You will need red, blue, yellow, white, and black (acrylic or tempera is perfect)
  • Brushes: You will need one (1) brush that is roughly one inch wide and one (1) smaller brush with a point, for detail
  • Approximately 16x20 inch canvas or paper: A heavier weight paper will work fine. Thinner paper is likely to wrinkle when it gets wet (which can be flattened after it dries if this is your only option). The thicker the paper, the better! you can also buy a cheap 16x20 inch (or similar size) canvas from a craft store like Michael's or another online retailer

Information for Conference Attendees AU StaffCon is a part of the university's Staff Appreciation Week

Advanced registration is encouraged. Day-of registration will be available.


  1. Complete the reigstration form so that we know which sessions you would like to attend and how we can reach you if needed.
  2. Within 12-24 hours of the event, you will receive a master list of event links and access passwords (facilitated through Zoom Meetings). You will have access to attend all StaffCon events throughout the day but note that the AhealthyU events require seperate registration
  3. Points to AhealthyU Game players can earn 1 point for joining the Morning Energizer and earn 2 points for joining afternoon sessions cosponsored by AhealthyU.

About Staff Council StaffCon is truly planned for, with, and by AU Staff!

StaffCon Word Cloud

The 2020 StaffCon meeting is organized in response to AU staff feedback. In honor of your voice, we would like to share what messages resonated the loudest from our survey. We uploaded the results into a program that organized them by highlighting the words used most often in a larger font.

Questions? Contact the 2020 StaffCon Organizing Committee