Spring 2024 Closing

As the spring semester comes to an end, residents and their families will find information to plan for their residence hall to close.

Checkout Procedures

Each student will either complete a Traditional or Express check out based on the date and time they are moving out. Both checkouts begin in the AU Housing Portal to review the checkout steps and verify your room-readiness. 

  • Prior to May 2nd
    • If you are moving out before May 2, please contact your RA or Community Director to schedule your move out, which includes completing check out at the front desk of your hall to avoid an improper check-out fee.
  • May 2 - May 9
    • Traditional check outs take place between 10AM and 8PM.
    • Express check outs take place between 8PM and 10AM.
  • May 10 - 12 at noon
    • Traditional check outs are available by request between 10AM and 8PM. Staff availability may be limited. 
    • Express Check Outs are available 24/7.

Learn more about each options below. When you're ready to check out, you'll follow a step-by-step guide in the AU Housing Portal. It's that simple!

The Express Checkout can be done much faster than a traditional checkout since the room inspection is done after you have departed. If you select this option, you waive the opportunity to appeal any damage charges that may be placed on your student account.

  1. Remove all items from your room
  2. Clean your room
  3. Check your mailbox one last time
  4. Room checkout process begins
    1. Go to the front desk and turn in any keys
  5. Check yourself out in the AU Housing Portal. You'll receive a confirmation email when this is complete.
  6. Student portion of room checkout process is complete
  7. A residence life staff member will complete your Room Inspection Form (RIF) and identify any damages.
    1. If identified, damage billing charges will be placed on your student account in June. You are unable to appeal these charges.
  8. Have a great summer!

The Traditional Checkout is the standard checkout process where you remove all your items, clean your space and an HRL staff member will complete your Room Inspection Form (RIF) with you to determine if are responsible for any damages to your room. With a traditional checkout you can appeal damage charges.

  1. Remove all items from your room.
  2. Clean your room.
  3. Check your mailbox one last time.
  4. Room checkout process begins.
    1. Go to the front desk and turn in any keys.
    2. You'll be connected with an RA while at a checkout hub - this may not be your RA.
    3. The RA will complete your RIF with you present.
    4. You will be checked out by the RA while you are in your room.
  5. Room checkout process is complete.
  6. Have a great summer!

Donate or Dispose

Donate it: Project Move Out will collect donations throughout campus. No donations can be left inside your residence hall:

  • LAC Quad 
  • East Campus
  • Behind McDowell Hall

Toss it: Items that can't be donated can be disposed of in a dumpster located outside each hall.

  • LA Quad 
  • Behind Letts Hall 
  • East Campus 
  • Northside location TBD

Closing Charges

Review potential closing charges a resident can incur for damages, not checking out properly, and/or leaving their room unclean.

Extended Stay

Students can apply for Extended Stay Wednesday, March 6 - Monday, April 22 in the AU Housing Portal and can select an extended stay between Friday, May 10 and Sunday, May 12 at noon. Requests for an extended stay beyond May 12 at noon can not be accepted.

Summer Housing

Summer housing is available to returning AU undergraduate students. Students wishing to stay for summer housing should apply through the AU Housing Portal. Spring semester residents who apply for summer housing beginning Tuesday, May 14 will remain in their spring housing assignment until May 14 and don't need to apply for an extended stay.

Rental Returns and Vendor Services

  • MicroFridge Rentals

    • You will receive an email from MyFridge Rental with instructions on defrosting, cleaning, and where to leave your MicroFridge before it is picked up. If you have any questions before this time, please direct them to  info@myfridgerental.com.
  • Lockbox Rentals

    • Make sure your unit is cleared of all personal belongings prior to pickup. You will receive an email from MyFridge Rental with instructions and timeline for pickup.
  • Lofts

    • Leave your lofts in your room for pickup.
  • UPS Summer Storage

    • The on-campus UPS store provides storage and delivery services for students in our residence halls through  AU Storage. Contact the UPS Store for further information
    • If you are using a company other than UPS Summer Storage, you must make arrangements and escort those individuals in your hall at all times.

Closing Dates

  • Late April: Mandatory floor meetings. RAs will notify their residents of the date and time.
  • April 29 - May 8: Meal Plan donation period to Eagles Helping Eagles
  • April 30: Quiet hours effective 24-hours a day through closing.
  • May 8:
    • Spring meal plans ends at lunch. Visit AU Dining for addional dining options.
    • Last day Mail Service will accept packages (TBD).
  • May 9: Residence halls close at 12 p.m. for undergraduate students
  • May 12: Mail Services will return all packages not collected to sender (TBD.)
  • May 11: Residence halls close for graduating seniors at 12 p.m. who participated in commencent on Friday, May 10.
  • May 12: Residence halls close for graduating seniors at 12 p.m. who participated in commencent on Saturday, May 11.
  • May 14: Move-in for summer student housing and spring to summer housing transitions.