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Trustees Emeriti

In order to give special recognition to retiring trustees who have given distinctive and meritorious service to the university and to allow them to continue to support the university, the Board may appoint them as Trustees Emeriti.

Former members of the Board who have served as trustees for a minimum of nine years, and who have given distinctive and meritorious service to the university, may, upon the recommendation of the Trusteeship Committee, be nominated for election by the Board to Trustee Emeritus status.

Appointment as a Trustee Emeritus will be a lifetime appointment. Trustees Emeriti may be invited to attend Board Meetings and events and to participate in the meeting without vote. Their attendance will not be counted in determining the quorum for meetings.

Former trustees previously elected to the position of honorary trustees will become Trustees Emeriti without formal election.

( Board Policies, May 1981; revised May 13, 2011)

As of October 1, 2013, those receiving this designation are:

  • Cyrus A. Ansary
  • Sondra D. Bender*
  • Stuart A. Bernstein
  • Paul Lucien Berry*
  • Joseph P. Carlo*
  • Edward R. Carr
  • John M. Christie*
  • Michael R. Forman*
  • Raymond I. Geraldson*
  • Sylvia Kay Greenberg*
  • Stephen Hartwell*
  • John W. Hechinger*
  • Robert P. Kogod
  • Martin F. Malarkey*
  • Bishop James K. Mathews*
  • Betty S. (Southard) Murphy*
  • Robert F. Pence
  • Irene Pollin*
  • E. Barrett Prettyman, Jr.*
  • Hon. Elmer B. Staats*

* Deceased


Updated May 2022