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What is the VA Work-Study Program?

What is the VA Work-Study Program?

“The VA Work-Study Allowance Program offers an additional non-taxable allowance to students in return for performing VA-related activities. It serves as a supplemental VA education benefit and often provides the additional funding that allows a student to pursue and accomplish educational goals.”

Students must be enrolled at a rate of ¾ time or greater and using VA Educational Benefits to be eligible to participate in the VA Work-Study Program.

As a VA work study at AU Central, you will assist the Veteran Services Team with general questions regarding VA Benefits to walk-ins, newly admitted students, and parents. Additionally, you'll assist the Veteran Services team in general office duties, administrative tasks, or other VA related tasks during your shift. VA Work Study students will be required to attend orientation and additional trainings and resources will be available to assist in your work responsibilities.

You will work at AU Central-Veteran Services but your paycheck will come directly from the VA based on the hours worked. VA Work Study students are paid the DC minimum wage which is currently $16.10/hour (as of July 2022)

We are hiring for the following VA Work Study positions:

Our office is expanding outreach via social media (Facebook/Instagram), monthly newsletters as well as increasing communication to students and colleagues at the university to ensure everyone has access to the resources and information to maximize and simplify VA Education Benefits processing at AU. We need your help! If you have experience or enjoy creating social media content, have a knack for writing or just want to gain more experience in the field of communication, please note your interest in this position. Minimum 5 hrs/week Maximum 25 hrs/week

Processing VA Education Benefits requires a lot of detailed review of documentation, organization and calculations to make sure students receive the funding needed to pay for classes. Do you enjoy detail-oriented work? Do you like filing your own taxes? Is an excel sheet your go to for organizing your schedule? Do you alphabetize your DVD collection? Do you want to gain skills that are transferrable to many future employment opportunities? We need you! Minimum 5 hrs/week Maximum 25 hrs/week

All VA Work Study positions are filled for the Spring 2024 semester. 

VA Work Study openings are not limited to American University! New students to the VA Work Study program are encouraged to complete the VA Work Study Application and submit this application along with a copy of their resume to directly to see what VA Work Study opportunities may be available in the DC area. 

For more information, please contact the Veterans Services Office via