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American Studies
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Nitzberg, Laura Ann
Academic Advisor

American Studies
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  1. Marcy Campos, Director, Center for Community Engagement & Service

    Ctr for Community Engagement and Svc

    Marcy Fink Campos joined AU’s Center for Community Engagement & Service in 2004. As Director, she oversees all office programs and serves as the liaison to the Office of Campus Life, Academic Affairs, and to other campuses involved in community-based… More

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    (202) 885-1551

  2. Elijah Edelman, Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

  3. Michelle Engert, Scholar in Residence

    SPA - Justice, Law and Criminology

    Michelle Engert has joined the faculty of Justice, Law, and Criminology after a diverse career as both a trial attorney and as a policy advisor. Michelle began her legal career as a trial attorney with the New Mexico Public Defender Department in San… More

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  4. Despina Kakoudaki, Associate Professor and Director, Humanities Lab

    CAS - Literature

    Professor Kakoudaki teaches interdisciplinary courses in literature and film, visual culture, and the history of technology and new media. Her interests include cultural studies, science fiction, apocalyptic narratives, and the representation of race… More

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    (202) 885-2796

  5. Monique Laney, Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

  6. Keith Leonard, Associate Professor

    CAS - Literature

    Author of Fettered Genius: The African American Bardic Poet from Slavery to Civil Rights, Keith D Leonard did his master's in English at UNC Chapel and his PhD at Stanford.His publications, presentations, and courses have revolved around his study of… More

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    (202) 885-2961

  7. Katharina Vester, Associate Professor

    CAS - History

    Katharina Vester is Assistant Professor of History at American University in Washington, D.C. She specializes in cultural theory, transnational studies, and the dynamics of power in everyday practices. She was Assistant Professor of American Studies … More

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    (202) 885-2409

  8. Stef Woods, Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - Critical RGC Studies

    Stef Woods is a full-time professorial lecturer with the American Studies Program at American University. She specializes in social media, American popular culture, sexuality, nonprofits, and activism. Stef has been featured in numerous print and … More

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