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Performance Ensembles

AU jazz musicians

American University's Music Program offers distinctive ensembles where students are given unprecedented access to being part of great performance organizations and to take on solo work as part of their growth. Because of our focus on undergraduate education in the performance fields, you don't need to wait until you're a graduate student to sing your first role, play a concerto with the orchestra, solo with the jazz band, or be featured with the wind ensemble.

Ensembles are also open by audition to all students at American University. If you played in high school and just don't want to leave your music behind, AU is a great school for you! We honor performance at the highest level alongside strong academic study of music. Whether you intend to be a major, double major, minor, or a non-major, the doors of the Music Program are open to all students at American University.

Learn from great faculty as well as special guests. Recent master classes and special guests have included eighth blackbird, Wynton Marslis, Ysaye Barnwell, Bobby McFerrin, Leonard Slatkin, Lorin Maazel, Stile Antico and others.

Music Ensembles

Auditions for all AU Music Ensembles occur each semester during the first week of classes: see each ensemble page for more.


AU Chorus
AU Chamber Singers
Gospel Choir
Opera Workshop


AU Symphony Orchestra
AU Symphonic Band
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Jazz Ensembles

AU Jazz Orchestra
Jazz Combo

Student-Run Vocal Groups

Blends with Benefits
Dime a Dozen
Treble in Paradise
On a Sensual Note