AU CORE Philosophy/Religion Courses

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Habits of Mind

Cultural Inquiry

PHIL-211 Introduction to Asian Philosophy
RELG-145 Religion Without Borders


Ethical Reasoning

PHIL-120 Do the Right Thing
PHIL-220 Moral Philosophy
RELG-220 Religious Ethics


Socio-Historical Inquiry

RELG-105 Religious Heritage of the West
RELG-245 Stories of South Asia

Writing and Information Literacy II

PHIL-235 Theories of Democracy

Quantitative Literacy II

PHIL-200 Introduction to Formal Logic

2020 Fall Courses

Please find Fall 2020 course descriptions, sections, and times for PHIL and RELG courses in our OneDrive space. You can also view these on the Course Catalog.


PHIL-4/616-002, Feminist Philosophy
PHIL-4/620-001, Seminar on Ethical Theory
PHIL-693-001, Global Ethics
PHIL-696-001, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
PHIL-696-002, Marxism and Ideology
PHIL-4/696-003, Teaching Ethics
RELG-4/686-001, Varieties of the Religious Experience