Scholarships and Grants

Graduate Student Scholarships & Fellowships at AU

The department receives a limited amount of financial assistance from the university, which it apportions according to merit, generally when students enter the program. Some students receive full coverage of their tuition (tuition remission), some partial tuition, and some worthy students receive no aid. In addition, some students receive a stipend. The department also has limited teaching and research assistant positions available. Those who do not receive aid from the department's limited funds may be able to find work elsewhere at the University or in the Washington, D.C. area. Information on university job openings can be found on the Human Resources web site. For jobs in the D.C. area, visit the AU Career Center or

All applying students are automatically considered for aid - there is no additional application required. Among our many named scholarships are the following:

  • Edward C. Bou Scholarship - awarded every 2 years
  • Gustavis Swift Scholarship - for graduates of Garrett Theological Seminary
  • Charley D. Hardwick Scholarship
  • Bordan Parker Bowne Scholarship
  • Lucinda Joy Peach Scholarship
  • Pearson Scholarship
  • Edward B. Lewis Scholarship
  • Ethics Bowl Lead Coordinator Position - Distinguished applicants with teaching and/or logistics management experience may be asked to take on this position as Lead Coordinator for the DC Area High School Ethics Bowl, which is housed in our department. The position is paid and works closely with key faculty. See for more information.

All students who wish to be considered for departmental fellowship, or additional financial assistance in the form of loans, must fill out the FAFSA by March 1 for the following academic year. Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.

International students are subject to federal regulations and, therefore, should contact International Student and Scholar Services for information.


Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships in Philosophy

Harold J. and Ruth Pearson Prize

A $500 award is presented each spring semester to a graduating senior or seniors majoring in philosophy for their outstanding performance in philosophy. A book prize is also awarded to each of the graduating philosophy majors who have demonstrated excellent work in philosophy. Both of these awards are decided in mid-March and awarded at the end of the spring semester.

Philosophy and Social Justice Prize

The Philosophy and Social Justice Prize is awarded annually for an undergraduate paper or project that affirms the value of philosophy to engaging barriers to social justice. Students whose work addresses philosophical approaches to understanding social difference or practical applications of philosophy to social problems are welcome to apply.

Donald Kane Prize

A $500 award is presented each spring for the best essay written by a religion major in the previous year. Students need only be religion majors to be eligible - no further academic standing is required.

Fellowships/Job Opportunities

The Outstanding Scholar Program is a special hiring authority established for entry-level positions at the GS-5 and GS-7 grade levels. This special hiring authority is used to fill approximately 100 occupational fields in the Federal Government.

Presidential Management Intern Program

Scholarships and Grants

Students should also consider outside funding in the form of scholarships and grants. The following is only a partial, in-progress, list to get you started:

Scholarship Search List of links provided by AU's Financial Aid Office

Scholarships for Minorities Large source of links to scholarships for a number of minority groups.

NAACP Scholarship Program Scholarships for African Americans

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Korean American Scholarship Foundation

Philosophy and Language Prize

The Department of Philosophy and Religion is very pleased to announce a new "Philosophy and Language Prize." This annual essay competition will be open to undergraduate majors in philosophy or religion, who may submit an essay that involves some feature of or theme related to language. While that does not need not be the sole focus of the paper, it should figure into the analysis and themes in a significant way.

A generous philosophy alumna, Dr. Lauren M. Squires (class of 2003 and a Pearson Prize winner) has made this cash prize possible.

For application information, please email <> with the subject "Philosophy and Language Prize."