Study Philosophy and Religion Abroad

The following is a partial list of study abroad opportunities for students of philosophy and religion. Many students consider their study abroad as one of their best college experiences, since it allows them to travel, meet people, obtain different perspectives on their field, and in some cases learn another language, all while earning credit toward their degree. Several programs are offered by AU for which students may earn philosophy or religious studies credit. Many philosophy and religious studies majors, however, go on a variety of programs (including programs in Italy, South Africa, and China), and take a "semester off" from their studies in philosophy or religion to pursue study in their other major or minor fields of study.

Graduate Study Abroad in Ecuador

The department will be offering a study abroad program in Ecuador. Check back soon for more details!

AU Abroad: Philosophy

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Earn up to 6 credits of German in one semester at any level from beginning to advanced. Visit AU Abroad for more information.

Madrid and the Mediterranean Program

This study abroad program, offered through the AU Abroad Office here at AU, is an excellent choice for philosophy students since "the Mediterranean has served as a fertile basin of ideas and history. This still-thriving modern area has profoundly influenced Western civilization through the first democratic government, the development of coinage and market economy, early theatre, the beginning of classical sculpture and architecture, and philosophers who articulated ideas on human reason."

Canada Program at Carleton University

The Canada Program is another excellent AU Abroad choice for philosophy majors, since the philosophy department at Carleton University in Ottawa offers a broad range of philosophy courses.

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

The University of Edinburgh has "a distinguished place in the history of philosophy, having been home to David Hume and Adam Smith." For further information, visit the University's International Office, or their Department of Philosophy.

AU Abroad: Religious Studies

AU Abroad programs that may be of particular interest to students of religion are:

Canada Program at the University of Toronto

Located "at the center of one of the most religiously diverse cities in the world," the University of Toronto offers students of religion an array of resources under the auspices of the University's Department and Centre for the Study of Religion.

New Zealand Program at Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University affords students the opportunity to join a vibrant intellectual community in the heart of New Zealand's scenic capital. Victoria's religious studies program is staffed by faculty members from all over the world who approach religions in myriad ways.

Outside the AU Abroad Program

Some students choose to study philosophy or religion intensively at a foreign institution. Study in many of the great university centers of the world is a wonderful opportunity, and provides the chance to genuinely immerse oneself in another culture. For example:

Australia National University,
Canberra, Australia

Australia National University is another university frequented by our philosophy majors. The University has many philosophy resources, such as the ANU Philosophical Society and the Australasian Association of Philosophy. For further information, visit the University's International Office.

Study Abroad Procedures

Students interested in studying abroad should first meet with an advisor in the AU Abroad Office (located in the Rockwood building) to discuss their options and obtain a signature of approval for their chosen program on a Permit to Study Abroad Program form. Students should then take the form to their academic advisor and to the dean's office to obtain signatures of approval for academic credit. Students must return the completed Permit to the AU Abroad Office for final approval and recording.