Eric Abitbol Adjunct Professorial Lect SIS-School of Intl Service

Eric Abitbol is an academic-practitioner in the field of environmental peacebuilding, housed in IPCR (International Peace and Conflict Resolution) and GEP (Global Environmental Politics) at American U


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Jeffrey Bachman Sr Professorial Lecturer SIS - School of International Service

Jeff Bachman is a Professorial Lecturer in Human Rights and Chair of the Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights MA Program. His research and teaching interests focus primarily on critical genocide studies.


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Robin Broad Professor SIS - School of International Service

<p>Dr. Robin Broad, Professor of International Development, established and heads SIS’s International Development Program’s unique curricular offerings on rethinking globalization and developmen


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Kelso Cratsley Professorial Lecturer CAS - Philosophy and Religion

Kelso Cratsley is a Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy & Religion at American University. His research focuses on issues in bioethics, mental health, and global health. He has p


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Ellen Feder Professor CAS - Philosophy and Religion

Ellen K. Feder is the William Fraser McDowell Professor of Philosophy and Social Policy. She works at the intersection of contemporary continental philosophy and feminist and critical race theory, par


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Gershon Greenberg Professor CAS - Philosophy and Religion

Gershon Greenberg is the author of three definitive bibliographies of religious thought and the Holocaust, and numerous articles on German-Jewish philosophy, history of Jewish thought in America and r


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Hrach Gregorian IPCR Program Director SIS - School of International Service

Hrach Gregorian is the MA International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program Director at the School of International Service, American University. He is a Strategic Partner at the Washington-based IN


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Julie Mertus Professor SIS-School of Intl Service

Professor Julie Mertus has written widely on human rights and gender, conflict, the Balkans, U.S. foreign policy and U.N. institutions. She is the author or editor of ten books, including <i>Bai


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Shadi Mokhtari Asst Professor SIS - School of International Service

Shadi Mokhtari specializes in human rights, Middle East Politics and Political Islam. She has an extensive background in human rights and women’s rights issues in the Middle East and Muslim World. She


Martyn Oliver Director, Arab World Studies CAS - Critical RGC Studies

Martyn was born and raised in southern Minnesota. In addition to Washington State and Boston, his studies also took him to Scotland, Lebanon, Austria, and Morocco. His work explores the construction o


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Amy Oliver Assoc Professor CAS - Philosophy and Religion

Professor Oliver's teaching and research on Latin America explore philosophical topics such as marginality, feminism, <em>nepantlismo</em>, and <em>transfronterismo</em>. S


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Jin Y. Park Professor and Department Chair, Philosophy & Religion CAS - Philosophy and Religion

Jin Y. Park is Professor and Department Chair of Philosophy and Religion at American University. She also served as Founding Director of Asian Studies Program from 2013-2020. Park specializes in East


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Michael Schroeder Associate Dean for Graduate Education SIS - School of International Service

Michael Schroeder is Senior Professorial Lecturer and Assistant Dean for Graduate Education at the School of International Service. He previously served as the director of the school's Global Gove


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Susan Shepler Assoc Professor SIS - School of International Service

Susan Shepler is an anthropologist with twenty years of experience working in conflict-affected West Africa. Her research focus is understanding how local communities engage with international interve


Lauren Weis Asst Professor CAS - Philosophy and Religion

I joined the American University faculty in 2008, and have been teaching courses in the history of philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, gender studies, and feminist theory. My philosophical research focus


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