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HNRS-220: Reproductive Justice  (4 Credits)

This course will examine reproductive rights and reproductive justice debates from legal, policy, and ethical perspectives. Particular attention will be paid to intersecting and potentially conflicting rights and responsibilities; for example, the intersections/conflicts between religious rights and reproductive rights; state involvement in all aspects of reproductive and parenting decisions; and employer rights and legal responsibilities.

Honors sophormores will take this course in Fall 2019

Professor Jessica Waters

Professor Jessica Waters
Dean of Undergraduate Education & Vice Provost for Academica Student Services | Department of Justice, Law & Criminology 


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Send email to Jessica Waters
(202) 885-2301
Provost, Office of the


Teaching brings me tremendous joy. As an alumna of the AU Honors Program, I know firsthand how enriching an Honors experience can be, and I love being part of that for our students. The course itself builds on my research and legal experience, particularly as it relates to challenging questions centered on the intersections of fundamental rights and liberties.

Fun fact: 

I lived in Anderson and Letts Halls as an undergraduate.