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The Honors curriculum is made up of seven required courses. Honors 200-230 are our Core Inquiry courses, all of which are team-taught and interdisciplinary. The Research Module, Challenge Course, and Capstone are the Honors research courses. The Honors curriculum rotates every three years to bring fresh courses and faculty to the program. Scroll down to learn more about each course or review the curriculum overviews located in the Quick Links. 

Funding Applications

To support students in their research, Honors offers funding on an application basis. These funds help support students presenting at conferences and/or to make their research more robust. Refer to the quick links to download the current applications. 

Honors Inquiry I:

The Urban Experience 

This is an interdisciplinary course in the humanities and the social sciences. It combines research on the history and culture of the Washington, DC region and its immigrant communities with the study of cities and transnational migration in general.

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Honors Inquiry II:

Food For Thought

“Food for Thought” explores how food sits at the intersection of science, politics, and culture, asking students to explore current diet-related challenges and provide potential solutions to them.

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Honors Inquiry III:

The Legal Imagination

Literature and film frequently imagine alternate or (non)ideal depictions of how society should or should not be organized. This course will analyze the ethical and concomitant legal challenges posed by imagined technologies, scientific advancement, and social change in past literature and film.

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Honors Inquiry IV:

Performing Self, Other, and Society

This course engages principles of theater, performance studies, and critical sociology to examine the stakes and implications of cultural productions of meaningful social difference in the U.S. 

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Research Module & Challenge Course

Research Module: Learn research methods and prepare for the Challenge Course by forming teams and developing a research question.
Challenge Course: Put into practice your interdisciplinary thinking, collaboration, and research skills during this group research project.  

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Honors Capstone

Create a capstone in your major or through Honors. Examples: traditional scholarly thesis, creative work, case study, business plan, media project, etc. 


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