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Meet Your Program Associates

Program Associates (PAs) are here to support first-year Honors students both academically and socially during the fall semester. They will attend a CORE-106 Complex Problems course with you and help lead the associated HNRS-150 Experiential Learning lab. In addition, they will hold weekly office hours, plan co-curricular and social activities, and act as the bridge between the classroom and the living environment. 

Melia Klingler

Religion and World Politics with Prof. Mohamed Nimer

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: SIS

Why did you decide to come to AU?  I mostly came for the SIS major and the flexibility it offers. I like being able to make my major work for me and study the regions and topics I enjoy. Plus, there's no better place to study International Relations than DC!

Favorite Course or AU Experience (so far): I've really enjoyed my Honors 151 Reseach Experience class. I like how we're encouraged to follow our interests and create a project that we're really passionate about. It's a fun challenge to craft a project from scratch and then try to make it work!

Favorite Spot on Campus:  The Bridge! Their matcha lattes are amazing.

Favorite Place in D.C.: Probably the National Arboretum - it's a great place to walk around and relax. Plus, they have an amazing bonsai collection! !

Abby Kahn

Electronic Music since Edison with Prof. Nancy Snider

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: International Studies Minor: Arabic & French

Why did you decide to come to AU? I knew I wanted to live in a city and major in international studies, and DC seemed like a natural choice for me. I had a hard time making my final decision, but I picked AU specifically because I liked the campus atmosphere and transit options. I definitely think I made the right choice!

Favorite course or AU experience (so far): My favorite courses so far have been my language classes - especially with Professor Kateeb (Arabic) and Professor Lang (French)! Outside of academics, I had a great time planning the honors/CBRS Halloween party last year and being a part of AU chorus.

Favorite spot on campus:  Definitely the Spanish steps in SIS - it's my ideal blend of quiet and busy with great natural lighting.

Favorite place in DC:  The Kennedy Center. They have a great student program called MyTix!

Hannah Pell

Decolonizing the Mind with Prof. Lindsey Green-Simms

Pronouns: She/Her

Major(s): International Studies Minor: Transcultural Studies Additional: Spanish Translation Certificate

Why did you decide to come to AU? I wanted to study international relations and I fell in love with the campus. I can easily access the city by metro and the plethora of opportunities it offers.

Favorite course or AU experience (so far): I really enjoyed Professor Martinez's "Introduction to Latin Literature" course.

Favorite spot on campus:  The bottom floor of Bender Library. The couches are so comfortable!

Favorite place in DC: The steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Devon Benaroya

Desire: What’s Love got to do with it? With Prof. Cathy Schaeff

Pronouns: He/Him

Major:  International Studies and Sociology

Why did you decide to come to AU? I decided to come to AU because of its location in Washington, DC. There is always something unique to do in the city, especially if you know the right places to look. It is also positioned in one of the most optimal cities for international relations in the world. I feel so lucky to be able to go to school here:)

Favorite course or AU experience that you've had (so far): My favorite course was my SIS seminar (SISU-106) called “Global Antisemitism.” My professor was very invigorating, and we now grab coffee together sometimes. As for AU experiences, I have enjoyed being on the AU Improv Troupe. I’m a big “yes, and” enjoyer.

Favorite spot on campus: The garden. I like to read there or play chess with friends at the picnic tables.

Favorite place in DC: Busboys and Poets. I try to go to their open-mic nights weekly. I always enjoy seeing what kind of people show up.

Johneé Wilson

smiling person with long black hair in brown shirt and blue jeans leaning against a white fence.

Displaced Lives in the DMV with Prof. David Pike

Pronouns: she/her & they/them

Major: School of International Service (SIS) Minor: African American and African Diaspora Studies

Why did you decide to come to AU? SIS ranks within the top ten schools for international relations globally. However, the verdancy of plant life that exists on campus (it's a certified botanical garden) in addition to reaching carbon neutral status in 2018, sealed the deal. It's really vibrant in the springtime.

Favorite course or AU experience (so far): Freshman year, I took a complex problems course called "Innovation and Design Thinking" with Professor Bill Bellows. The class focused on a human-centered approach to problem solving and social impact. We studied IDEO's design thinking model, and the 'empathy phase' quickly became my favorite because it requires listening to the stories of people experiencing some of the world's most ambiguous problems (i.e., poverty) to ensure viable, desirable, and feasible solutions are being offered.

Favorite spot on campus: The Bridge. It's always a nice vibe there--friendly student baristas, delicious libations, and a great meeting place to study with friends.

Favorite place in DC: Hands down, I love the 9:30 Club! It's a great venue to see local and burgeoning new artists for an accessible price. I've attended performances by Cautious Clay, Raphael Saadiq, Sigrid, Ingrid Michaelson, and Remi Wolf without breaking the bank. My second favorite place is the Anacostia Arts Center and the Big Chair on the east side of the river.