Academic Experience

The AU Cornerstone Abroad: Madrid SIS Scholars curriculum allows students to graduate on time with their class. Students take required courses from the AU Core, courses that meet SIS requirements, Spanish language (offered at all levels from beginning to advanced), and incredible electives about Spanish culture and history with other AU students studying in Spain. No prior study of Spanish is required. 

Students will take classes at the International Institute of Madrid, which is around a 10 minute walk from their student residence, as well as their Spanish class at the ISDE Law and Business school, which is around a 10 minute bus ride from their student residence.

International Institute of MadridInternational Institute of Madrid

ISDE Law and Business SchoolISDE Law and Business School


AU Madrid Semester (Fall) 


  • SISU 106 First Year Seminar- Unveiling Spain (SIS Major Requirement) 
  • SISA 103 International Migration and Refugee Crises (Socio-Historical Habit of Mind for AU Core and SIS Regional course- Europe) 
  • SPAN XXX (Spanish at all levels) 


  • WRTG 100 College Writing (AU Core Requirement) 
  • ARTH 256 Mediterranean Art History (Creative Aesthetic HOM) 
  • ECON 200 Microeconomics (SIS Major Requirement) 

AU DC Semester (Spring) 


  • SISU 105: Introduction to International Relations 
  • CORE 100: AU Experience I 
  • WRTG 101 College Writing Seminar or WRTG 106 


  • Spanish language 
  • Complex Problem Seminar 
  • Elective or major requirement