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University College

Living-Learning Community

University College (UC) 

University College is a one year experience for first-year students, and is open to all schools and majors who opt to live on campus and who are not already participating in another Living-Learning Community (LLC). The program combines limitless opportunities in DC with the best elements of college life—meeting new people, living in a residence hall, studying with top-notch professors, and finding your passions.

In the Fall semester, you will take a shared Complex Problems seminar with students who live on your residence hall floor. You will attend events, participate in co-curriculars (social and/or academic events that are tied to your seminar) that happen outside of the classroom, and learn about what DC and the AU community have to offer. In the Spring semester, you will continue to attend events hosted by the University College team, while also strengthening your relationships with your peers and the larger AU community.

Joining AU's largest Living-Learning Community helps you make the most of your first year. Whether meeting with experts, collaborating socially or academically with peers, or visiting DC institutions, your Complex Problems professor and program leader connect classroom and residential experiences to the real world.

Immersive Learning Experiences

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are immersive learning experiences designed to bring students with common academic interests together for heightened intellectual and social success. LLCs assist students by placing them in close-knit living environments that support scholastic success, cultivate safe and supportive environments, encourage personal growth, and foster social responsibility. The ultimate goal is to help students mature into the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally, so they can become leaders at AU and beyond.  

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The UC/AU Cornerstone Reservation Form is now open for the 2024-2025 academic year. Reservations are accepted through Monday May 6, 2024. Students must deposit to AU to confirm their placement in UC. If you have questions email  to inquire.

AU Cornerstone

The AU Cornerstone Program is an enriching opportunity to jump start your professional career or international education. It is apart of the University College Living-Learning Community. Cornerstone students choose either a credited internship or study abroad experience in Madrid (SIS Scholars) in the Fall semester or Greece during the Spring semester. Cornerstone students live and learn together in the first-year residence halls and participate in special programming that fosters a shared experience.

AU Cornerstone 

UC Faculty and Students at the Fall 2022 Kickoff

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Ready to join year 20 of University College? Complete the registration form below. 

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Living and Learning at AU: University College


Get to know University College, AU's largest living-learning community. This exceptional opportunity for first-year students combines the best residential and academic experiences!

Students can reserve their spot in UC and live with other UC students in Black Affinity Housing. Participating in both UC and Black Affinity Housing gives students of all backgrounds and identities the opportunity to be a part of the University College living and learning experience, but in close proximity to other students who may share similar social, cultural, or academic interests. This opportunity is available on a first come, first served basis. Please e-mail with your interest after reserving your spot in the program. 

To find more information about Roper Hall, the residence hall where Black Affinity Housing is located, use this link

To find more information about Black Affinity Housing and UC, please head to the FAQ Page

UC Builds Friendships

Student Testimony

I can say confidently that I would not have the amazing friends that I have now.
UC builds community through small, intimate seminar classes. Students live together on the same floor in their residence hall and make close connections from the moment they arrive.

You come into college meeting people from your cohort on move in day because you'll be living with them. I can say confidently that I would not have the amazing friends that I have now if I didn't do University College. - Cultures of Corruption


UC Explores DC

Off-Campus Activites


Seminar Facilitators and Faculty organize co-curricular activities, including excursions to DC. Students get exclusive tours of the White House, Capitol Building, Smithsonian Museums and more. And on the way, they learn their way around their new city's transportation system.

Oldest & Largest Living-Learning Community at AU

Residence Hall Classrooms

  • Newly renovated rooms and classrooms used exclusively by Living-Learning Community students

  • Many UC courses are held in the residence halls — just steps away from your room

  • Participate in community events inspired by floor themes and develop a sense of belonging with your residence hall community


Floor Themes Guide UC Events and Conversations

Exciting Courses

  • Explore the DC metro area guided by Faculty and Program Leaders 

  • Acquire critical thinking skills and examine diverse perspectives on societal challenges

  • Connect with faculty who can serve as a resource throughout your time at AU


Complex Problems Seminars taught by faculty who are subject matter experts and at the top of their field


  • Connect classroom and community to the real world

  • "It was an awesome experience to take conversations out of class, and made me feel like a college student for the first time." — Former UC Student

  • Make friendships and connections that last