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Academic Support and Access Center Staff

Academic Coaching Team

Amanda Kleinman Academic Coach UEAS | Academic Support

Amanda Kleinman joined American University in July of 2018. Amanda had previously been a K-12 special education resource teacher (1998-2010). In 2010, Amanda founded the office of Disability Support a

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Victoria Kreutzer Academic Coach UEAS | Academic Support

Victoria J. Kreutzer joined the Academic Coaching Team at American University in November of 2022. In her current role, she provides holistic coaching supports to American University students, and sup

Student Academic Services Team

Jess Edwards Adjunct Instructor UEAS | Academic Support

Jess Edwards joined the Academic Support team in September 2019 as a Tutoring Program Assistant and has brought innovative ideas and an eye for quantitative data analysis to the team. From there, they

Neisha-Anne Green Senior Director, Academic Support UEAS | Academic Support

Academic Interests: Social Justice Pedagogy, Writing Center Theory and Practice, Writing Center Tutor EducationWhat began as volunteer work has blossomed into passion for Neisha-Anne. Outside of her g

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Kayla Hyland Coordinator, Student Academic Services UEAS | Academic Support

Kayla (she/they) joined AU in December of 2021. She works as a coordinator for the Writing Center, where she brings her past Writing Center experiences to create workshops and develop ways that the Wr

Disability Support Team

Jennifer Baron Associate Director, Disability Support UEAS | Student Disability Support

As one of ASAC's Associate Directors, Jennifer primarily supports students with disabilities at AU's Washington College of Law. She has worked at AU since 2010 and held previous roles, including the A

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Vicky Codas Asst Director, Disability Support & Assistive Technology UEAS | Student Disability Support

Vicky was born in Argentina but grew up in her dad’s country of Paraguay; she was the first blind student in the country to attend a regular school, which she claims made her education an exciting exp

Nancy Sydnor-Greenberg Coordinator, Learning Services Program UEAS | Student Disability Support

Nancy Sydnor-Greenberg has been Coordinator of the Learning Services Program in the Academic Support and Access Center since the fall of 2005. Prior to joining AU, she worked as a free-lance writer fo

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Student-Athlete Support Program Team

Morgan Gallagher Academic Counselor, Student-Athlete Support Academic Support and Access Center

Morgan Gallagher started as the Academic Counselor for men’s and women’s cross country and track, women’s field hockey and men’s soccer in August of 2021. Morgan also began working with women's lacros

Erin Saunders Director, Student-Athlete Support UEAS | SASP

As Director of Student-Athlete Support, Erin oversees all aspects of the Student-Athlete Support Program and is the operational, administrative, and strategic lead for the team. Saunders started as an

  (202) 885-3890

YY Yiljep Adjunct Instructor UEAS | SASP

YY Yiljep is a triple eagle and works in the Student-Athlete Support Program (SASP). He joined AU in November of 2021 and provides academic support to the Men’s Basketball and Women's Lacrosse varsity