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The TUTORING LAB is open!!

One-on-one appointments can be scheduled in two locations: Mary Graydon 243 and Collaborative Workroom #1 in the Library. There is a separate schedule for each location. Be sure to check both schedules when looking for an appointment.

When looking for an appointment in the future, you can either click on "NEXT WEEK" or the calendar icon to select a date.

For information about our policies and to learn how to use the Scheduler, download our Guidelines and Policies.

Starting fall 2017, all Mathematics and Statistics tutoring will be provided by the Math and Stats Lab in the Don Myers Building, Room 103. For more information, please contact Professor Jalali ( or the ASAC (202-885-3360).

In an effort to streamline access to different schedules, the Tutoring Lab Weekly Schedule has moved to Please access it HERE and create a new account if so prompted.


The Tutoring Lab offers free one-on-one tutoring, by appointment, in selected classes. New classes may be added during the semester, so check this page and the Scheduler often. Besides Mary Graydon 243, additional Peer Tutoring is offered during the week and Sundays in the Library, Collaborative Work Room #1, 1st floor research commons area, to the left as you walk in. Tutoring is being offered in the

Tutoring Lab for the following courses:

  • ACCT 240,241,340,341,345
  • BIO 100,110,210,320,356
  • BIO LAB 200
  • CHEM 100,110, 205,210,310,320
  • CSC 280,281 
  • ECON 100,200,300,301,322,341,361,370,401,405
  • FIN 200,365
  • GOVT 105,130,210,310
  • NEUR 210,220,
  • PSYC 105,115/116
  • SISU 105,300
  • SOCY 110,215,315,320

To learn how to use the Scheduler and about our policies, download our Guidelines and policies.


New for Spring 2018 drop in hours in the Anderson Conference Room (off the lobby) at these times for the courses listed:

Drop in Courses Available


  1. Access the list of available peer tutors. There is a modest fee for this type of tutoring. The pay is set by Peer Tutoring Services at $14 per hour and students pay tutors directly.
  2. If you need financial assistance, please use the Peer Tutor Request Form (see below). If you are eligible, the ASAC will cover 2 tutoring sessions per week, on average.

    If no peer tutor is available for the topic(s) you need, you can request a tutor via the Peer Tutor Request form. Peer Tutoring Services will try to find a tutor to fill your request.


If you are a student in one of the following programs please contact the following staff for assistance with getting a tutor:
  • If you are a student athlete, please contact Ashley Rozendaal in the Academic Support and Access Center.
  • If you are a STEP student, please contact Shannon Smith in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.
  • If you are a student in the Frederick Douglas Distinguished Scholars, please contact Larry Thomas 202-885-6213.


  • Feeling a lot more confident in the material after my visit!
  • I really appreciated the session.
  • It is great to find tutors that care so much about the students' needs.
  • K. is a magnificent tutor. Her help is invaluable! I will surely come back in the future. Thanks!
  • My appointments were extremely successful. I felt a lot more confident in the material after the session.
  • My session really cleared things up for me. Thank you!!
  • She's great and patient, even with my headaches in ECON
  • The advice given was very helpful and eased my testing anxiety.
  • The Tutor is very knowledgeable and helpful. I am much more confident in the material.
  • When I first walked in, I had no idea what I was doing. Now, I feel like I have a much better understanding of what I have learned thus far.


If none of the above options work for you, please contact Tutoring Services at