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Group Exercise

Moving together towards a healthy lifestyle

Group Exercise

Group Exercise has gone virtual! We will be offering a limited schedule Aug 3-14, taking a short break to prepare for the semester, and then rolling out an expanded Fall semester schedule starting August 24! Be sure to register your account with your American University e-mail in order to register for live classes.

Incoming Students

Welcome incoming Eagles! And welcome back everyone! 

To participate in virtual Group Exercise classes, please register your IMLeagues account with your American University email here.

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To Register for a Class:

  1. Log into your IMLeagues account. Students, Faculty, and Staff are eligible to register for an IMLeagues account using their American University email. 
  2. Click the Group Fitness tab in the blue banner under American University.
  3. Scroll down until you see the calendar (or click on the calendar tab).
  4. Find the class you want to register for and click the green Sign Up button to the right. This will take you to the class information page. The green Sign Up button is visible if registration is open.
  5. Read the liability release and click Accept at the botton of the page. Answer the waiver question and enter your ID. Click Sign Up. You have successfully joined the session!
  6. You will receive a confirmation email from IMLeagues with information and the Zoom link for the class in which you have registered. 

Group Exercise Live Schedule

Class Descriptions


This 45-minute High Intensity Interval Training class combines a variety of strength, plyometric, and anerobic bodyweight movements to get you in shape. Boot Camp will challenge you through bursts of exercise and short recovery breaks. All levels are welcome!

Your core is the foundation of all your strength. This 30-minute class will develop and strengthen all the muscles of your core including your abs, glutes, and lower back.

Center your mind and body while flowing through various postures that promote increased strength, focus and flexibility. This 45-minute class will introduce foundational yoga postures, teach you how to breath and help you feel more comfortable in the yoga practice. Open to all levels. 

Get your flow on in this dynamic 45-minute yoga class! Yoga Flow links movement and breath creating a sense of flow and release tension. You'll glide and flow into a blissful relaxation. All levels are welcome and will leave feeling centered and renewed.

Improve posture, recover from workouts, and increase flexibility. During this 20-minute class the instructor will lead you thorugh static and dynamic stretching techinques. This class will also leave you feeling focused and energized through breathing teachinques and a guided meditation! 

Barreless Barre is a full body workout that combines techinques from pilates, yoga, and ballet. This 45-minute workout is a high repetition muscle conditioning class focusing on postural strength and alightment. All exercise levels welcome and no equipment necessary! 

Hip Hop is a great way of working out the body through fun and rhythmic exercise. Join us for 45-minutes of dancing to build strength and increase endurance while having fun. Dancing can set you on course for a healthier and more active lifestyle!

Join us for fun, dance and fitness that incorporates many styles of dance, international rhythms, and a club-like atomosphere that leaves all Zumba participants hooked! No dance experience is required.

A rotation of RecFit Instructors will offer a different class every week! Be prepared for anything from Yoga, to Zumba, to Barre! All Happy Hour classes will be hosted on Zoom for the Fall 2020 Semester. Classes will be released biweekly on IMLeagues. 

Participants in a group exercise class

Private Group Exercise Classes

We offer private group exercise classes for student organizations, academic classes, and other campus affiliates. Classes will be hosted through Zoom during the Fall 2020 semester. We offer a wide variety of class formats suitable for all fitness levels and can tailor the event to your group's needs!

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