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Student Memberships

Membership and services offered to American University students.

Student members include undergraduate, part-time, WCL, graduate, and Ph.D. students. A student membership is offered to any student who is registered for at least one credit for the current semester in any of the above categories.

Ph.D. students who have completed their course work must maintain matriculation and show proof they are registered for credit.

When a student meets this criterion, no additional fee is charged for a membership.

How do I start my membership?

For new students, access to the facility begins the first day of Welcome Week in the Fall and Spring semester.

Admittance will be rendered upon successful completion of the registration form and presentation of a valid AU ID card.

Questions about memberships? Visit our FAQs or submit a membership inquiry.

Spring Membership

Are you a new student this semester? Here is how you can start your student membership:

1. Complete your registration form online or print and return to either Fitness Center front desk.

2. Under 18? You must have your parent/guardian complete pages 2 & 3 through the AU portal or by printing and returning the form to:
Attn: Suzi Berkey
American University
Jacobs Fitness Center Room 102
4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20016
Fax (202) 885-1007

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To use the facilities, students must complete a registration form online or at any fitness center front desk.

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