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Operating Updates

The Career Center is here for you at this uncertain time. All of our services are now available online. 

Questions? Contact us at Our hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern.

Visit AU’s COVID-19 Resources page for the latest information.

Your COVID-19 Career Planning “To Do” List

Learn how to focus your job search below and visit our Virtual Career Planning during COVID-19 page to for the latest advice and resources to help you adapt your efforts for a virtual job search.

Treat job searching as a full-time job. Find a quiet place or time where you can focus on your work with limited interruptions. Develop a routine or schedule based around your most productive time of day. Break down your job search into smaller manageable tasks to reduce your stress and increase your productivity. Keep track of your work and make plans to contact/follow up with people in your network.

You can still work on your “Plan A”, but you should also develop back-up plans (yes, more than one). These plans may not represent your ideal career goals, but they can help develop your skills and eventually find your path back to Plan A. If the organizations or sectors you are interested in are not hiring right now, explore the industries that are.

There are jobs and internships out there, and we are here to help you find and apply to them! Schedule an appointment with a career advisor, stop by express appointments, or attend a virtual drop-in with a Peer Advisor. We are eager to bring you personalized career advice and coaching.

As you search for an internship or job, explore other ways to build your skills and experiences. Consider micro internships and the gig economy. Pursue service learning or volunteer opportunities. Take summer classes at AU. Find free online courses. Use AU’s free resources to develop your tech skills.

Learn best practices for virtual interviewing and working remotely, while building your foundational job search skills. Knowing how to network, find jobs, brand yourself, tailor resumes and cover letters, and interview is essential for conducting a successful job search at any time.  

In-person networking may be on hold, but you can use virtual platforms to build authentic relationships with working professionals and AU alumni. Identify people who have jobs you want or who work at organizations you are interested in. Contact them to request virtual informational interviews.

Connect with hiring organizations that are actively recruiting AU students through our online Upcoming Events calendar (see below). Attend virtual fairs and information sessions to connect with representatives and demonstrate your interest in their organizations.

Read our Monday Recruiting Newsletter. Regularly check our Virtual Career Planning during COVID-19 page and search Handshake for updates. And follow @AUCareerCenter on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Upcoming Events

All fairs and networking events are virtual.

Previously Recorded Networking Events

4/2/20 | Data Science and Analytics Networking Webinar

All Employer-in-Residence (EiR)events are virtual. If an EiR is full or if you cannot attend the virtual date, still click 'Apply' in Handshake and a copy of your resume will be sent to the employer.

5/29 | 9:30 a.m. -1:30 p.m. | U.S. Department of State Call-In Appointments

6/12 | Google (slots open May 29) 

Military Recruiting on the AU Campus

Career Guides by Major

Not sure what your career path might be, or how your major can help you get there? Use our career guides to explore the skills you'll develop through your coursework, how you can apply them in a variety of fields, and where to learn more about industries related to your major.

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Career Center Library

The Career Resource Library contains more than 400 books and 17 periodicals. Come browse our collection and check materials out for up to four weeks. Enjoy free coffee and tea and a quiet place to work. Receive immediate support from trained peer advisors.


Job Searching During COVID-19: Britt Jacovich


Britt Jacovich, 2020 SPA/SOC recent graduate and alumni of the Career Center's Peer Advisor program was hired as a press assistant for Allied Progress in DC, where she'll start after graduation. Britt shares some insight on her job search, how the AU Career Center has helped her along the way, and tips on how to stay proactive in your own hunt to find a job!


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Learn how SIS alumna Ugoeze Achilike (SIS/BA '17) landed a full-time, paid position at the World Bank Visitor Center after getting her foot in the door as a volunteer.

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