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Recruit AU Students

Thank you for expressing interest in our talented students and alumni. We look forward to partnering with you as you develop and implement a recruitment strategy specific to American University.

Meet the Employer Relations Team

The Employer Relations Team is here to create a seamless recruiting experience for you and for AU students.

Internship Program Details

The Career Center is a leader in experiential education and thrives on facilitating connections between students and employers.

With more than 91% of AU undergraduates and 56% of graduate students completing one or more internships before graduation, our career advisors are adept in helping students to identify and maximize meaningful internships. Advisors' recommendations for students translate into best practices for employers.


View internships as unique learning experiences for budding professionals. Design your program in a way that enables students to test lessons learned in class, become aware of their obligations as professionals and to the public, and acquaint themselves with different work environments.


Offer challenging assignments that result in beneficial outcomes for your organization and tangible work samples or valuable experience for your interns.

Before recruiting an intern, ensure the internship supervisor understands their role as a mentor. Consider adapting this sample mentor agreement, developed by our colleague Ross Herosian, to start the conversation. Ensure that your interns have a space to work prior to their first day. Communicate openly and often and share constructive feedback so that your interns hone their skills and meet or exceed your expectations. Also, expose your interns to the inner workings of your organization and share industry insights so that students may affirm or modify their career aspirations.

Create a positive learning environment in which your interns may test their classroom theories. Credit-bearing internships must include a minimum of 85% substantive duties and no more than 15% clerical tasks. Internships must extend for a minimum of 14 weeks and require at least five (5) hours of work per week. Workplace evaluations account for 25-50% of students' final grades.


Recruitment policies at American University.


Eligible jobs, for which you may recruit through the Career Center, consist of professional duties and salaries or hourly wages.

The Career Center does not support full commission-based positions; opportunities that require candidates to pay fees for application processes, training, equipment, or other job-related expenses; positions that are based in home offices or private residences; pyramid schemes and brand ambassadors; and food or personal service positions.

Acceptable internships provide students with structured learning experiences, regular supervision, and exposure to professional aspects of chosen fields.


Third-party recruiters must adhere to the AU Career Center's Third-Party Recruitment Policies and may recruit AU students and alumni at the discretion of the Career Center.

Upon registering for a Handshake account, a third-party recruiter must either disclose a full or sample client list to the Career Center, and/or decide to disclose the name of the organization in each job listing they post. Third-party recruiters, may participate in select campus recruiting activities as long as they provide position descriptions for eligible jobs upon request and refrain from charging candidates for their services. Recruiting options available to third-party recruiters include Handshake listings and semi-annual Job and Internship Fairs. If you would like to appeal for participation in other recruiting activities, please reach out to Julie Jones, the director of employer relations at


If you seek candidates for eligible jobs and internships, you may formally recruit AU students and alumni through Handshake listings, semi-annual Job and Internship Fairs, on-campus interviews, information sessions, information tables, and networking receptions. However, the Career Center reserves the right to deny you access to recruiting services at any time.

You may only use campus facilities, reserved by the Career Center on your behalf, for the purpose of recruiting AU students and alumni for eligible jobs and internships.

Due to space limitations on campus, information sessions are only accommodated for organizations conducting on-campus interviews in the same time frame, or are in the top 25 of the Desired Employers List as ranked by students through our biannual survey.

Information tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis to any organization recruiting students and alumni for eligible jobs and internships. Information session room requests and tabling are subject to availability.


In cases of inclement weather, on-campus recruiting activities proceed as planned when the university is open and are canceled or rescheduled when the university is closed. Please call 202-885-1100 for daily updates about the university's operating status.