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Early Identification Program

EIP Dinner 2022

The Early Identification Program (EIP) is an academic enrichment initiative for academically outstanding second-year and transfer students. EIP's goals are to help students to develop their academic focus and direction and to become familiar with national scholarship opportunities. Participation in EIP does not guarantee receipt of a scholarship nor is participation required for students to apply for scholarships.

EIP offers a wide range of programming including workshops on faculty-student dynamics, scholarship information sessions, and opportunities to connect with professors and national scholarship recipients and finalists. The backbone of EIP is a series of small-group advising sessions which involve mentoring students on their academic plans. Groups typically include 3-6 students from the same school who share similar experiences and goals.

Each EIP cohort begins in the fall and runs through the spring semester. Typically EIP is open to second-year students and transfer students. Recruitment for each EIP cohort begins in the fall semester. 

Past EIP participants have earned many nationally competitive awards, including the Harry S. Truman Scholarship, Boren Scholarship, Fulbright Grant, and Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.

Please e-mail inquires about the program to the Office of Merit Awards.

Working with the Office of Merit Awards

"Working with the Office of Merit Awards (OMA) has been a phenomenal experience; Their support helped me receive the honor of participating in the Summer Public Health Scholars Program at Columbia University this upcoming summer. The OMA provided me with not only invaluable mentors to help me with my application but also more optimism and hope about my academic and career goals that sometimes feel unattainable. I am so grateful for all of the advising and incredible staff. Thank you, OMA!”

"The Office of Merit Awards is such a great resource! I am so privileged and thankful to have faculty on campus that are passionate about helping students like myself apply for fellowships and scholarships that enhance our educational and professional experiences. Receiving guidance with my applications from advisors at the office has led me to great opportunities I would never thought I could be part of."