Arab World Studies Faculty 


Martyn Oliver Director, Arab World Studies CAS - Critical RGC Studies

Martyn was born and raised in southern Minnesota. In addition to Washington State and Boston, his studies also took him to Scotland, Lebanon, Austria, and Morocco. His work explores the construction o

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Seraje Assi Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Seraje Assi holds a PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Georgetown University, where he serves as a Visiting Fellow. He is the author of The History and Politics of the Bedouin: Reimagining Nomadis

Morad El Sana Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Dr. Elsana is an adjunct professor at the American University. Prior, he served as a professor of Public International Law, International Human Rights Law, and International Humanitarian Law. Dr. Els

Mustafa Gurbuz Sr Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Mustafa Gurbuz is a political sociologist whose research focuses on political violence and terrorism, conflict resolution, social movements, Muslims in the West, and ethnic/sectarian politics in the M

Judd King Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Judd King currently teaches in the Department of Philosophy and Religion and is affiliated with the Arab World Studies Program. His primary research interests are modern political Islam, contemporary

Affiliate Faculty

Mohammed Abu-Nimer Professor SIS - School of International Service

Mohammed Abu-Nimer, of the International Peace and Conflict Resolution program, serves as Director of the Peacebuilding and Development Institute. He has conducted interreligious conflict resolution t

Boaz Atzili Associate Professor SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Boaz Atzili is a political scientist who researches and teaches international politics. His interest is in international security with an emphasis on the politics of borders and territoriality, de

Naima Hachad Associate Professor CAS - World Languages and Cultures

Dr. Hachad’s research focuses on issues of language, gender and sexuality, autobiography and testimony, and the representation and memorialization of violence in cultural productions of the Maghreb an

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Anders C. Hardig Professorial Lecturer SIS - School of International Service

Dr. Anders Härdig is Director of the Global Scholars Program at SIS and Professorial Lecturer in the Comparative Politics and Regional Studies (CRS) program at the School of International Service (SIS

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Shadi Mokhtari Assistant Professor SIS - School of International Service

Shadi Mokhtari specializes in human rights, Middle East Politics and Political Islam. She has an extensive background in human rights and women’s rights issues in the Middle East and Muslim World. She

Erez Naaman Associate Professor and Department Associate Chair, World Languages & Cultures CAS - World Languages and Cultures

Naaman’s research interests include Arabic language, literature, and culture in the medieval and Pre-Modern Islamic world and the intellectual history of this period.

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Ghiyath Nakshbendi Sr Professorial Lecturer KSB - Finance and Real Estate

Professor Nakshbendi teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Islamic Finance, project finance, microfinance, Trade and Project Finance, export-import management, international business and the g

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Mohamed Nimer Assistant Professor School of Prof and Extd Studies

Areas of Expertise: Quantitative Methods, International Development, Middle EastDr. Nimer teaches International Affairs and Intercultural Understanding at the School of Professional and Extended Studi

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Pedram Partovi Associate Professor CAS - History

Pedram Partovi is a historian of the medieval and modern Muslim world. His current research focuses on the history of youth movements and their role in creating and disrupting the political order in I

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Anthony Quainton Dist. Scholar in Res Emeritus

Ambassador Anthony Quainton is the Diplomat-in-Residence and a professor of U.S. Foreign Policy, having previously served in the United States Foreign Service and held ambassadorships to the Central A

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Abdul Said Prof Emeritus

Dr. Said is the senior ranking professor at American University and the first occupant of the endowed Mohamed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace. He founded the university-wide Center for Global Peace,

Kendra Salois Assistant Professor CAS - Performing Arts

Kendra Salois received the Ph.D. in Music from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2013. Prior to joining the Department of Performing Arts at AU, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the

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Cathy Schneider Professor SIS - School of International Service

Cathy Lisa Schneider writes and teaches on urban politics, comparative social movements, collective violence, urban policing, criminal justice and racial and ethnic discrimination in Europe, the Unite

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Diane Singerman Associate Professor SPA - Government

Dr. Singerman is an Associate Professor and comparativist whose research interests focus on political change from below, particularly in the Middle East, and more specifically Egypt. Her work examines

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Elizabeth F. Thompson Professor and Mohamed S. Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace, SIS SIS - School of International Service

Elizabeth F. Thompson is a historian of political movements, constitutionalism, gender, and foreign intervention in the Middle East. She is author of two books: Justice Interrupted: The Struggle for C

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John Willoughby Professor CAS - Economics

Professor Willoughby has recently returned from a two-year stay in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates where he helped create an undergraduate economics program at the new American University of Sharjah. He

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