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Economics Learning Outcomes

BA Economics

  1. Use the micro model of market demand and supply to predict changes in price and output that result from exogenous changes
  2. Use macroeconomic models to explain the changes in output, employment, inflation, and growth
  3. Describe the function of key economic institutions
  4. Find information on price indices, employment and unemployment, world-wide GDP and human development statistics; organize and manipulate the data in spreadsheets and statistical programs; and interpret statistical results

MA Economics

  1. Solve economic models mathematically and provide intuitive explanations of the results
  2. Employ and interpret econometric models to answer a research question

PhD Economics

  1. Demonstrate mastery of one branch of economic theory: micro, macro, or heterodox analysis
  2. Demonstrate mastery of an applied field of knowledge within the discipline of economics
  3. Formulate and answer empirically an original question in a field of economics