Economics Working Papers

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2018 Working Papers

"Marx, the Predisposition to Reject Markets and Private Property, and Attractive Alternatives to Capitalism"

Jon D. Wisman
No. 2018-04
April 2018

"Exploitation, Human Nature, and Social Institutions"

Jon D. Wisman
No. 2018-03
February 2018

"Why Has the Great Recession Failed to Produce a New New Deal in the U.S.?"

Jon D. Wisman
No. 2018-02
February 2018

"Guaranteed Non-Labor Income and Labor Supply: The Effect of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend"

Robert M. Feinberg, Daniel P. Kuehn
No. 2018-01
January 2018

2017 Working Papers

"Effects of Utility Deregulation and Mergers on Consumer Welfare"

Ralph Sonenshine
No. 2017-12
August 2017

"Adam Smith and Thorstein Veblen on the Quest for Recognition"

Jon D. Wisman
No. 2017-11
August 2017

"The Dynamics of Inequality in the Human Story: A Brief Sketch"

Jon D. Wisman
No. 2017-10
July 2017

"Why Has Labor Not Demanded Guaranteed Employment?

Jon D. Wisman, Michael Cauvel
No. 2017-09
July 2017

"How Do Countries Respond to Antidumping Filings? Dispute Settlement and Retaliatory Antidumping"

Robert M. Feinberg, Kara M. Reynolds
No. 2017-08
March 2017

"Le Monopole D'etat Sur Les Jeux D'argent: De L'art D'Extorquer Des Fonds Aux Plus Demunis"
Quentin Duroy, Jon D. Wisman
No. 2017-07
May 2017

"Politics, Not Economics, Ultimately Drives Inequality"
Jon D. Wisman
No. 2017-06
April 2017

"Guaranteed Employment and Universal Child Care For A New Social Contract"
Jon D. Wisman, Aaron Pacitti
No. 2017-05
March 2017

"Capital-Skill Complementarity and the Emergence of Labor Emancipation"
Boris Gershman, Quamrul H. Ashraf, Francesco Cinnirella, Oded Galor, Erik Hornung
No. 2017-04
March 2017

"Job Tasks, Time Allocation, and Wages"
Paul Sullivan, Ralph Stinebrickner, Todd Stinebrickner
No. 2017-03
March 2017

"How Did Forecasters Respond to the American Growth Slowdown Since the Mid-2000s?"
Gabriel Mathy, Daniel Kirwin
No. 2017-02
January 2017

"Revisiting the Effect of Crude oil Price Movements on US Stock Market Returns and Volatility"
Ralph Sonenshine, Michael Cauvel
No. 2017-01
January 2017