Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

BS Mathematics

Majors in Mathematics will be able to

  1. Carry out mathematical proofs.
  2. Understand mathematical definitions and use them correctly.
  3. Recognize where and how to use the major theorems, enabling them to see the big picture in various areas of mathematics.
  4. See where and how to use mathematical procedures.
  5. Learn how to present their research in writing or/and in front of an audience.

BS Statistics

Majors in Statistics will be able to

  1. Provide a concise and clear description of a statistical problem.
  2. Provide a description of the method used for analysis, including a discussion of advantages, disadvantages, and necessary assumptions.
  3. Provide a discussion of the results and of the statistical analysis.
  4. Provide a conclusion to the study including a discussion of limitations of the analysis.
  5. Provide a derivation for mathematical statistics problems.