Schedule of Upper Level Math/Stat Courses

For a full listing of available courses see the Office of the Registrar.

Every Semester (except summers)

MATH 310 Linear Algebra

MATH 313 Calculus III

STAT 514 Statistical Methods

STAT 798 Statistical Research and Consulting

Every Fall

MATH 321 Differential Equations

MATH 501 Probability

MATH 512 Introduction to Algebra

MATH 520 Introduction to Analysis

STAT 510 Theory of Sampling I

STAT 515 Regression

STAT 525 Statistical Software

STAT 530 Mathematical Statistics I

STAT 600 Advanced Mathematical Statistics

Fall of Odd-Numbered Years

MATH 501 Probability

MATH 505 Logic

MATH 540 Topology

STAT 520 Applied Multivariate Analysis

Fall of Even-Numbered Years

MATH 510 Geometry

MATH 515 Number theory

MATH 560 Numerical Analysis

STAT 519 Nonparametric Statistics

Every Summer

STAT 514 Statistical Methods

STAT 515 Regression

Every Spring

MATH 503 Foundations of Higher Mathematics

MATH 550 Complex Analysis

STAT 302 Intermediate Statistics

STAT 320 Biostatistics

STAT 502 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

STAT 516 Design of Experiments

STAT 524 Data Analysis

STAT 531 Mathematical Statistics II

STAT 616 Generalized Linear Models


Spring of Even-Numbered Years

MATH 521 Measure Theory and Integration

MATH 570 History of Mathematics

MATH 601 Harmonic Analysis

STAT 521 Analysis of Categorical Data


Spring of Odd-Numbered Years

MATH 504 Advanced Calculus of Several Variables

MATH 513 Rings and Fields

MATH 551 Partial Differential Equations

STAT 522 Time Series Analysis

STAT 584 Introduction to Stochastic Processes

STAT 601 Topics in Advanced Probability/Statistics


On Demand

STAT 511 Theory of Sampling II

STAT 517 Spec. Topics in Statistical Methodology