Schedule of Upper Level Math/Stat Courses

For a full listing of available courses see the Office of the Registrar.

Every Semester (except summers)

MATH 310 Linear Algebra

MATH 313 Calculus III

Every Fall

MATH 321 Differential Equations

MATH 401 Probability

MATH 403/603 Foundations of Higher Mathematics

MATH 412/612 Abstract Algebra

MATH 420/620 Real Analysis

MATH 428 Competitive Mathematics (1 Credit)

MATH/CSC 460/660 Tools of Scientific Computing

STAT 405/605 Introduction to Survey Sampling

STAT 412/612 Programming in R

STAT 415/615 Regression

STAT 422/622 Advanced Biostatistics

STAT 425/625 Statistical Software

STAT 514 Statistical Methods

STAT 630 Mathematical Statistics I

STAT 632 Advanced Mathematical Statistics 

Fall of Odd-Numbered Years

MATH 440/640 Topology

MATH 565 Mathematical Applications of Interest and Derivatives

Fall of Even-Numbered Years

MATH 415/615 Number theory

MATH 465/665 Numerical Analysis

MATH 631 Information Theory

STAT 419/619 Nonparametric Statistics

Every Summer

STAT 514 Statistical Methods

STAT 415/615 Regression

Every Spring

MATH 403/603 Foundations of Higher Mathematics

MATH 450/650 Complex Analysis

STAT 302 Intermediate Statistics

STAT 320 Biostatistics

STAT 402 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

STAT 413/613 Data Science

STAT 416/616 Design of Experiments

STAT 427/627 Statistical Machine Learning

STAT 514 Statistical Methods

STAT 631 Mathematical Statistics II

STAT 616 Generalized Linear Models

STAT 798 Statistical Research and Consulting

Spring of Even-Numbered Years

MATH 413/613 Rings and Fields

MATH 421/621 Measure Theory and Integration

MATH 470/670 History of Mathematics

STAT 521 Analysis of Categorical Data

STAT 618 Bayesian Statistics

Spring of Odd-Numbered Years

MATH 404/604 Advanced Calculus of Several Variables

MATH 451/651 Partial Differential Equations

MATH 461/661 Harmonic Analysis

MATH 616 Cryptography

STAT 522 Time-Series Analysis

STAT 484/684 Introduction to Stochastic Processes

STAT 601 Topics in Advanced Probability/Statistics

On Demand

MATH 405/605 Logic

MATH 410/610 Geometry

STAT 611 Theory of Sampling 

STAT 417/617 Spec. Topics in Statistical Methodology