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Your Professional Development

The Office of Human Resources at AU is committed to supporting and providing professional development opportunities for our staff and faculty to come together as a community, enrich our personal experiences and workplace culture.

We are proud to offer ways to engage in learning activities that help you thrive at AU.

Employees may access Workday Learning, by logging into myAU portalto gain access to updated course information and additional resources.

Inclusive Hiring Best Practices Toolkit 

In 2020, the Recruitment Team in Human Resources developed resources for inclusive hiring, including an Inclusive Hiring Best Practices Toolkit. These resources and the six-module toolkit can be found by logging into the AU Portal

Please contact if you need assistance in locating the toolkit.

DEI Learning Pathway - Certificate Program

This learning pathway addresses the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to create an inclusive workplace through easy-to-digest e-learning courses. Open to all staff and faculty.

If you have any questions or are looking for additional education and training, please reach out to Shannon Telenko, DEI Consultant for Talent Strategies.

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Performance Management - Setting Expectations

Learn how best to set your expectations. Having agreed-upon goals and expectations is crucial for supervisors and staff. 

Course availability accesible via Workday Learning

Inclusive Hiring: Best Practices in Recruiting

Learn hiring best practices to ensure a diverse, inclusive, and equitable search and selection.

Course availibity accessible via Workday Learning.

Please reach out to Recruitment via to schedule a special session for you or your unit.

A Guide to Leave Management

Discover the leave benefits available to staff, identify the procedures governing leave administration, and understand your role and responsibilities in leave administration. 

Course availibility accessible via Workday Learning

AU Connects Facilitators

In collaboration with the Office of Human Resources, AU Connects Facilitators help to onboard new university staff through A Conversation about Inclusion at AU. This course is also open to any faculty or current staff who wish to participate.

The AU Connects program emerged as national and global incidents of discrimination and violence highlighted the urgency for conversations around race, gender, sexuality, and religion. Many faculty, staff, and students want to talk about these issues but can feel uncertain about where to begin. 

AU Connects Facilitators are also available to assist your team with critical dialogues that promote open conversations about difference, create space to share stories and build community, and build a more inclusive work environment.

As the AU community, it is crucial that we face these issues and conversations together with the goals of decreasing our fear of difference and increasing our understanding of ourselves and others to build empathy.

AU Connects supports Goal 1: Training, Learning, and Development and Goal 2: Campus Climate, Cultural, and Community in Phase 2 of the Inclusive Excellence plan.

For more information or to work with AU Connects Facilitators, please reach out to Dr. Shannon Telenko, DEI Consultant for Talent Strategies.


To support you in your personal career goals, we want to encourage you to explore Workday Learning and all the development courses we offer. Every staff and faculty member is set up with an AU Profile where you can set goals, add or complete items on your To-Do Lists, or explore courses by using the search feature in the Learning Tab.

Visit Workday Learning today! 

All faculty and staff have certain required training depending on their department. Please check with your supervisor to ensure you satisfy the requirement.

All staff new hires are required to take these lists courses:

  • New Hire Orientation (Office of Human Resources)
  • New Hire Orientation (Office of Information Technology)
  • A Conversation about Inclusion at AU (AU Connects Facilitators and DEI Consultant in HR)
  • Preventing Harassment & Discrimination Title XI
    • Non-Supervisors
    • Supervisors

Be sure that these courses are listed in your To-Do lists, if not please contact

American University embraces diversity in its broadest sense. We dedicate the necessary resources to recruiting, welcoming, supporting, and retaining outstanding students, faculty, staff, and leadership who significantly improve the diversity of our community.

We encourage all of our community to participate in the many trainings, activities and events designed to start conversations and help us find our similarities and understand our differences, including our diversity and inclusion courses.

In an effort to further our commitment to Inclusive Excellence at AU, Human Resources launched the Faculty & Staff Affinity Group program in 2017. Faculty & Staff Affinity Groups are a collection of employees who work to create a safe space for other employees of a specific community. 

If you're interested in our Faculty & Staff Affinity Groups, you can learn more on our Community page.

AU offers benefits you won’t see anywhere else! Understanding your benefits is important to your success and wellbeing. Here you will find courses that helps to explain our benefits and allow you the opportunity to ask questions to learn how to get the most out of your experience here.


Not sure where to go to receive training that best suits your professional development needs? Contact the Talent Strategies team to map out a personal learning plan.

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