Fall 2021 Closing

Important Dates

  • Sunday, December 19, 2021: Residence halls close for residents 24-hours after their last exam or by 12 p.m. (noon) this date.
  • Monday, December 20, 2021: Residence halls close for graduating seniors at 12 p.m. (noon).

Closing Instructions

Closing Process

  • Clean your room
  • Pack your belongings 
  • Take important items (Identification cards, passport, medication, etc.)
  • Depart within 24-hours of last final

Before you leave 

  • Remove important items, such as medications, travel reservations, passports, and AU One Card
  • Remove all trash and open or perishable food items
  • Tidy room and floor of clutter
  • Unplug all appliances and electronics
  • Turn off and unplug all lights, including vanity, lamps, and string lights
  • Unplug and defrost refrigerators (towels can be used beneath the refrigerator to catch water)
  • Turn off any alarm clocks
  • Lower thermostat to minimum setting
  • Close and lock windows, close blinds
  • Lock all doors
  • If there is an in-unit bathroom, remove all items for housekeeping to clean bathroom over winter break
  • If checking out or moving rooms, remove all belongings

Returns and Damages

MicroFridge and Lockbox Rentals

Students who rented a MicroFridge or Lockbox unit for only one semester should leave their units inside their room for pickup by MicroFridgeRental. Units should be clean and emptied. Housing & Residence Life is not responsible for units left outside of the room.

Closing Process

  • Clean your room
  • Pack and remove your belongings 
  • Check out within 24-hours of last final
  • Checkout:

    • Traditional checkout:

      • Checkout at front desk from 8 A.M. - 8 P.M. 

      • Complete room check with RA

      • Turn in mail key

    • Express checkout:

      • Checkout at front desk is 24-hours 

      • Turn in mail key


Residents are responsible for damages noted during the inspection upon checking out. Damages not previously noted on the Room Inventory Form will be billed to the student's account in late December and a copy of the damages sent to the student's AU e-mail address.

Students must return their mail key if moving rooms or checking out of the residence halls permanently. Failure to return mail keys will result in a charge of $25. Keys not returned upon check-out cannot be mailed back to the residence hall.