Fall Closing

As the fall semester comes to an end, students should think ahead about preparing their room for winter break and know when their building closes and re-opens.

Residents should depart within 24 hours of their last examination, with the exception of graduating seniors participating in commencement activities. Residence halls close at 12 p.m. on December 15, 2019 for undergraduate students, except for those in Nebraska Hall, the Frequency Apartments, and students who have applied for winter break housing. Residence halls close at 12 p.m. on December 16, 2019 for graduating seniors.

Residence halls re-open for the spring semester at 3 p.m. on January 5, 2020. Residents will not be able to enter their halls during the break.

Before You Leave

  • Remember to remove important items, such as medications, travel reservations, passports, and AU One Card
  • Remove all trash and open or perishable food items
  • Tidy room and floor of clutter
  • Unplug all appliances and electronics
  • Turn off and unplug all lights, including vanity, lamps, and string lights
  • Unplug and defrost refrigerators (towels can be used beneath the refrigerator to catch water)
  • Turn off any alarm clocks
  • Lower thermostat to minimum setting
  • Close and lock windows, close blinds
  • Lock all doors
  • If there is an in-unit bathroom, remove all items for housekeeping to clean bathroom over winter break
  • If checking out or moving rooms, remove all belongings

Residents moving out of housing must remove all belongings and formally check out of housing. See the below "Moving Out or Changing Rooms" section for more details.

Residents in winter break housing must move to Leonard Hall on December 15 with all items they will need for the break.

Residence hall and housekeeping staff will enter living units during winter break to ensure safety guidelines have been followed and to clean any unit with an in-unit bathroom.

Moving Out or Changing Rooms

Residents not returning to on-campus housing or changing rooms for the spring must remove all belongings and formally check out of housing.

Rooms should be left "broom clean." This standard means that all surfaces are wiped down, original furniture is in the room, trash has been removed, and all belongings have been removed. The "Before You Leave" directions listed above should also be followed.

Failure to return mail keys during checkout will result in a charge of $25. Keys not returned upon checkout cannot be mailed back to the residence hall.

Checking Out of Housing

  1. No less than 72 hours prior to your departure, schedule a checkout appointment with the RA. Students who do not check out with an RA are subject to improper checkout and abandoned property fees. They also waive their right to appeal room damage charges.
  2. During the appointment, meet with the RA to complete a Room Inventory Form (RIF) and ensure the bed space is in an acceptable condition. Residents are subject to cleaning fees and may not be cleared to check out if their bed space is not left correctly.
  3. Complete checkout at the building's desk, where the Desk Receptionist will collect a mail key. Unreturned mail keys are subject to replacement fees and cannot be mailed back to the University.
  4. Update the mailing address in the myAU Portal. Taking this action ensures future mail is routed appropriately.

MicroFridge and Lockbox Rentals

Students who rented a MicroFridge or Lockbox unit for only one semester should leave their units inside their room for pickup by the vendor. Housing & Residence Life is not responsible for units left outside of the room.

Damage Charges

Residents are responsible for damages noted during the inspection upon checking out. Damages not previously noted on the Room Inventory Form will be billed to the student's account in late December and a copy of the damages sent to the student's AU email address.

Students must return their mail key if moving rooms or checking out of the residence halls permanently. Failure to return mail keys will result in a charge of $25. Keys not returned upon check-out cannot be mailed back to the residence hall.

Mail and Packages

Information coming soon.

Leaving Housing or AU for the Spring?

If you are not returning to campus housing for the spring semester, complete your housing termination as soon as possible.

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