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Congressional Fitness Center

Recreational Sports & Fitness' newest multi-use fitness facility.

Congressional Fitness Center is our newest multi-use fitness center at American University. Unlike the other Recreational Sports and Fitness facilities, Congressional Fitness Center will serve two purposes: a small group/personal training studio during the academic year (approximately September - May) and a boutique fitness center during the summer session (mid-May - mid-August).

Conveniently located on the first floor of Congressional Hall (separate entrance), on the east campus of American University, all Recreational Sports and Fitness members and students are allowed access to the facility during the summer session.

Features & Amenities

Strength Equipment:

2 Hammer Strength Power/Squat Rack
Life Fitness Duel Adjustable Pulley (Cable Crossover machine)
Hammer Strength Dumbbells (5lbs - 75lbs)
Power Systems Kettlebells
Power Systems Medicine Balls

Cardio Equipment:

2 Spin Bikes
3 Treadmills
4 Rowers
1 Elliptical
1 Recumbent Bike

There are small mini-lockers for day-use in Congressional Fitness Center free of charge, that can store personal items while you work out.

There is also one unisex bathroom/changing facility which includes a shower.

Hours of Operation

This facility is closed during the academic year for recreational use.

Student doing russian twists with a trainer

Personal Training

American University Personal Training offers private 1 on 1 training, private, small group, and other events and programs at Congressional Fitness Center during the academic year.

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