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Jacobs Fitness Center

Main campus' multi-use fitness facility.

The Jacobs Fitness Center is the main fitness hub on campus. The Fitness Center was made possible by the generous donation from William I Jacobs, former Chairman of the American University Board of Trustees and Class of 1966.

Located on the first floor of the Sports Center, the Fitness Center includes a strength area, cardio floor, and one group exercise studio. It is also the access point for the Reeves Aquatic Center and Bender Arena.

To gain access to the facility, you must be a Recreational Sports & Fitness member or a current AU student member.

Features & Amenities

Free Weights & Racks:

2 sets of 5-50lb Dumbbell pairs
1 set of 55-100lb Dumbbell pairs
1 set of 3-10lb Dumbbell pairs
1 Squat Rack
1 Smith Machine
1 Fixed Olympic Bench Press
1 Fixed Incline Bench Press
2 Adjustable Free Weight Benches
1 Upright Seated Bench
2 Dual Adjustable Cable Machines
1 Standing Preacher Curl station

Selectorized Equipment (one of each):

Bicep Curl
Tricep Pushdown
Seated Row
Seated Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Lat Pull Down
Lateral Raise
Leg Extension
Leg Press
Seated Leg Curl
Vertical Knee Raise/Dip
Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo
Torso Rotation
Back Extension
Smith Machine
Hip Abduction
Hip Adduction
Pec Fly/Rear Delt
45-Degree Back Extension Bench
Adjustable Decline Abdominal Bench
Dual Movement Abdominal Bench
Roc It Abdominal
Upper Body Ergometer

Additional Equipment:

3 Stability Balls
4 Foam Rollers
2 sets of Medicine Balls (2lb, 4lb, 6lb, 8lb)
Plyo Boxes (6”, 12”, 18” 24”)

Equipment for Check-out (at front desk):

Jump Ropes
Resistance Bands
Core Roller
Perfect Push-Up
Hand Straps
Weight Belts

10 Precor Treadmills
4 Precor Cross Trainer Ellipticals
7 Octane Ellipticals
1 Stairmaster Step Mill
4 Stairmaster Steppers
2 Star Trac E-Spinners
3 Upright bikes
4 Recumbent Bikes
2 Concept 2 Rowers

General Locker Rooms

General locker rooms (men's and women's), located on the ground floor of the Sports Center, include showers, changing areas, and member access to the Reeves Aquatic Center.

Lockers are available for both day-use and overnight rentals.

Day use lockers are available free of charge. Members may bring their own lock or you may purchase a combo lock for $10 at the front desk. Any items left in the lockers at the end of the night may be removed and disposed of.

Overnight lockers are available to rent on an annual or semester basis. Lockers are full-length and come with a built-in lock. Visit the Jacobs front desk to rent a locker.

Locker Rental Prices:
Annual: $140
Semester (Fall or Spring): $75
Summer Semester: $25

Fall semester locker rentals expire on December 20.
Spring semester locker rentals expire May 18.
Summer semester locker rentals expire August 11.

Questions? Please contact Chris Nasti at

Day Use Lockers

There are small, day-use lockers in the Jacobs Fitness Center free of charge, that can store small, personal items while you work out.

Our studio at Jacobs Fitness Center is currently home to many of our Group Exercise classes, such as Cycle and Yoga, which you can find on our group exercise schedule. When there is not a class in session, the studio, including the indoor cycles, are available for drop-in use by members.

Interested in reserving one of the group exercise studios for your student organization? All studios must be booked in advance. Restrictions apply. Contact Chris Nasti at

Sports Equipment can be rented out by members & students for the day. A valid AU ID is needed to checkout equipment at the Jacobs Fitness Center front desk. Items for rent include:

Basketballs (Indoor and Outdoor)
Volleyballs (Indoor and Outdoor)
Soccer Balls

*Rental Equipment is for day-of-rental use only. Equipment must be returned at least 30 minutes prior to the Fitness Center closing. Member will be charged $30 for any lost/stolen equipment.

Open Court

For informal recreation inquires such as volleyball, soccer, and more please contact Bob Beahm, Fitness Facility Coordinator at