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Classroom in the Wild: Puerto Rico

This immersive filmmaking workshop will take place May 29-June 5, 2019.

Classroom in the Wild: Puerto Rico

The Center for Environmental Filmmaking is pleased to announce the immersive video and photography course: Classroom in the Wild: Puerto Rico. This is a 7-day adventure to Puerto Rico where 12 students will have the opportunity to attend film and photography seminars, learn about underwater film, go on photography guided tours, go on scuba and hiking expeditions, and more! The program will be led by Professor Maggie Stogner. 

Students will spend 4 nights in Isla de Mona, 2 nights in San Juan, and 1 night in Cabo Rojo. Together with local park rangers, experts and filmmakers, students will have a chance to tell unique stories of this magnificent island. Student will spend nights camping under the Caribbean stars while telling stories of a unique ecosystem. 

The course is non-credit, but students may add independent studies for credit.

Discover Puerto Rico will be supporting the workshop and helping with instruction.

Registration will be first come, first served. 

There is a $1650 fee that covers travel and lodging in Puerto Rico. Food is provided on Isla de Mona, but you are responsible for meals in Puerto Rico. Airfare to and from Puerto Rico is not included. 

Please do not purchase tickets until confirmation that enrollment to the program has been met. 

After you go through Classroom in the Wild: Puerto Rico, you'll leave with the following skills and experiences:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Success in challenging conditions
  • Learning to push your boundaries
  • Improving photography and filmmaking skills

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