2021 Eco Comedy Awards

Recording of the 2021 Eco Comedy Awards presentation.

Eco-Comedy Video Awards 2021 Using the power of comedy to raise awareness about your favorite wild animal!

CEF also hosted its 10th annual Eco-Comedy Video Competition ceremony at DC-EFF, celebrating over 170 submissions from over 30 countries. Co-hosts included The Nature Conservancy, Smithsonian National Zoo, AU’s Office of Sustainability, AU’s Center for Media and Social Impact, and the AU School of Communication. Thank you to our presenters, AU/SOC Artist-in-Residence Russell Williams, TNC’s Bridget Moynihan, and the National Zoo’s videographer Rosh Patel. This year’s theme was “Your Favorite Wild Animal”. 

Congratulations to our award-winners for their highly creative short films and to everyone who submitted their work. Watch the program and top finalists and winning films here: https://youtu.be/98o9P0IjnC8

K-8 Category:


The Rat Man - A Mockumentary by Winston West a 12-year-old from right here in Washington D.C, a video about a vigilante rodent hunter who’s not very good at his job


 Runner Up

In the Gym an animated video about some bugs showing off, by Evangelina Sarett, from Russia 


College/University Category:


The Croc Shock a stop motion animation by Trinity Ross from Australia

Runner Up

Fry Hard an animation about a hungry Seagull by Sarah Freimuth a student at San Jose State in California


Nonstudent Category:


A Tardigrade Thank You   a dark comedy about human’s impact on the world seen through the eyes of water bears, by Robert Boyd an AU CEF Alumni


Peacock Spider a comedy about a spider trying to perfect his dance moves, directed by Damon Stea. Animated and Produced by

Cassandra Chowdhury


 Honorable Mention Category:


A Day in the Life- Blue-Footed Booby  a day in the life of a blue-footed booby during lockdown. Created by Sam Wright from London, England. Tiktok 


A Dinner Conversation A man hosts a dog named Peppa for a dinner conversation about dogs, by Thomas Tzlulanas from Denver Colorado

Past Winners

Grand Prize, 2018
@Humanity by Theodore Blossom and Robbie Price
Grand Prize, 2017
Planet B by Ashley Holmes
Grand Prize, 2016
A Watershed Love Story by Julia Schaefer-Gomez
Grand Prize, 2015
DUDE! Or the Blissful Ignorance of Progress by Patrick Webster
Grand Prize, 2014
Be a Better Roommate by Patrick Gilmore
Grand Prize, 2013
A Brief History of the 5-cent Bag Tax by Craig Schattner
Grand Prize, 2012
Clean Coal by the Bituminous Marketing Agency by Alexander Lucas