Eco-comedy film competition

Eco-Comedy Video Competition 2019

Sponsored by the Center for Environmental Filmmaking and The Nature Conservancy, the 2019 Eco-Comedy Video Competition theme was Climate Change. Yes, we know, it’s a vast, unwieldly topic that already has people rolling their eyes! So we challenged you to produce a short (less than three minutes), humorous video that would be seen on YouTube to engage audiences in climate change. The contest was open to anyone worldwide who has a flair for producing videos. There were four categories: K-8, High School, College/University, and Nonstudent. The winner in each category received a $500 prize, plus recognition at the DC Environmental Film Festival, and on the websites of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking and The Nature Conservancy.

This year, we had two special finalist judges, Bethany Hall who is a comedian-in-residence at AU’s Center for Media and Social Impact, and Keith Haskal who is a producer for Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. We got over 250 film submissions from all over the world, and were blown away by the creativity of our submitters.

World map showing where all of the eco comedy film submissions came from.

Submission requirements:

  • Be humorous.
  • Communicate a clear (and funny!) message around the theme of climate change.
  • Reach a broad audience.
  •  Be an original production.
  • Contain a title at the beginning; please include the total running time.
  • Contain credits of the production crew members at the end.
  •  Be less than three minutes (including titles and credits).


2019 Eco-Comedy finalists and winner:

K-8 Winner:

Tire Swing by Gabriel Giaquinto and Amy Giaquinto

High School Winner: 

The Forager by Victor Xia

College/University Winner:

Office Fish by Benjamin Vornehm

Non student:

Grand Prize Winner:

Climate Change is Real by Jake Rasmussen and Tom McGovern


Waterman by Anshul Sinha 

The Art of Climate Change by María Àlvarez and Elisa Morais  

Full Petrol Jacket by Hermes Mangialardo 


Past Winners

Grand Prize, 2018
@Humanity by Theodore Blossom and Robbie Price
Grand Prize, 2017
Planet B by Ashley Holmes
Grand Prize, 2016
A Watershed Love Story by Julia Schaefer-Gomez
Grand Prize, 2015
DUDE! Or the Blissful Ignorance of Progress by Patrick Webster
Grand Prize, 2014
Be a Better Roommate by Patrick Gilmore
Grand Prize, 2013
A Brief History of the 5-cent Bag Tax by Craig Schattner
Grand Prize, 2012
Clean Coal by the Bituminous Marketing Agency by Alexander Lucas