About Upstream, Downriver

Less than 4% of the water on our planet is fresh water. In the United States, over half of our fresh water streams, rivers, and lakes are too polluted for drinking, swimming, fishing, and aquatic life. “Upstream, Downriver” is a new documentary film that highlights 50 years of the Clean Water Act and the critical issues we still face today. It showcases inspiring stories that are a catalyst for community engagement and action. This 30-minute documentary is a powerful tool for bringing people together to address the clean water issues in their communities. For information about how to host/arrange a screening, please visit the official website.

Upstream Down River Crew Shot

This unique collaboration brings perspectives from across the country and from a diverse set of backgrounds. Visit the official site to meet the team behind the project and to learn more. 

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Upstream, Downriver (Trailer)

This documentary highlights inspiring personal stories interwoven with policy milestones, innovation and activism. "Upstream, Downriver" will provide a catalyst for community engagement and action. SOC's Center for Environmental Filmmaking partners with SPA's Center for Environmental Policy, American Rivers, the Clean Water For All consortium, regional riverkeepers, and others.