The Nation's Capital is Our Leadership Laboratory

Our Washington, DC location offers students unparalleled opportunities to bring leadership theory to practice. The beauty of the city inspires students to public service, and our Massachusetts Avenue location provides quick access to downtown, by car of metro. American University students have opportunities to attend policy presentations at DC-based think-tanks, listen to major policy speeches, and to welcome leading scholars, policy-experts, members of Congress, and world leaders to campus. This leadership laboratory known as Washington, DC constantly engages our students in a full range of public affairs issues, and thereby enlivens our study of leadership.

Leadership students at the Pentagon

Students spent an afternoon at the Pentagon learning from leaders of national defense.

Leadership students outside of the State Department.

A visit to the State Department instructed students about leadership lessons in diplomacy.

Leadership students at Ford's Theatre.

A trip to Ford's Theatre brought to life the leadership practices of President Lincoln, which students had studied in class.

Leadership students at Sewall-Belmont House.

Students learned about the women's suffrage and equal-rights movements at the Sewall-Belmont House.

Leadership students at Frederick Douglass National Historic Site.

Leadership students visited the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site to study Douglass' leadership during the abolitionist movement.

Leadership students at the National Council of Negro Women

The first headquarters of the National Council of Negro Women provided students with the opportunity to study the African American women's movement.

Students of Color and Speech Education

Building Social Capital

All members of the Leadership Program complete two social action projects designed to build social capital.

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