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Introducing the SPA Leadership Program Class of 2019

Leadership Class of 2019

The SPA Leadership Program is thrilled to announce the class of 2019! Selected from a record-breaking amount of applications, these 42 students come from unique communities in 20 different states and Pakistan. Among their ranks are outstanding students who delivered their high school commencement speeches, earned the distinction of valedictorian and AP Scholars, and completed rigorous International Baccalaureate programs during their high school studies. Many have served as student government presidents, leaders of music groups, directors of plays, and editors-in-chief of school newspapers, yearbooks, and literary magazines. Others have served as captains of athletic, speech and debate, and mock trial teams. Together, they have devoted thousands of hours of service to their communities.

These students will work through the four-year program towards earning a Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies. The program offers students the experience, skills, and knowledge to prepare for leadership roles in public service and life. Inside and outside of the classroom they will focus on understanding leadership theory, effective communication, and organizational behavior. Additionally, they will practice hands-on activism through two social action projects—the first within a team and the second individually. The goal of the program is to train its students to think creatively, act honestly, and make constructive community-oriented decisions.

Introducing the SPA Leadership Class of 2019: 

  • Abigail Hango, VT
  • Alana Kessler, NY
  • Emma Gore, VA
  • Ishmam Mirza, MD
  • Jenna Fortunati, CT
  • John Vodrey, OH
  • Maham Khanum, Pakistan
  • Andrew Alban, PA
  • Cameron De Matteis, CA
  • Elena Pierson, AZ
  • Emily Pullen, NM
  • Madison Henry, CT
  • Neissa Fils, NY
  • Brandon Jones, NY
  • Allison Bock, NC
  • Andrea Jennings, VA
  • Brandan Persaud, NY
  • Karla Palmer, MD
  • Maureen Smith, PA
  • Payten Kirby, CA
  • Remy Madarieta, NJ
  • Adele Ackert, MA
  • Andrew Schwarz, MD
  • Camila Ramirez-Tejada, RI
  • Cole Trask, FL
  • Danielle D’Amore, NJ
  • William Fells, AR
  • Zizhan Luo, NJ
  • Erin Hampson, NC
  • Esra Ozturk, CA
  • Jason Lin, HU
  • Kenya Roy, TX
  • Layla Tinio, NJ
  • Matthew Klucher, PA
  • Sophia Duke-Mosier, NJ
  • Alexa Iannace, PA
  • Ashlee Smith, TX
  • Ashlyn Dean, CA
  • Donald Zyriek, AZ
  • D'Shawn Bond, KY
  • Erin Thomas, IN
  • Shaan Chilukuri, CA

We look forward to welcoming such a talented and ambitious group of students. Congratulations to the SPA Leadership Class of 2019!