Full-Time Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Research Interests

  • Stephen Casey: Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Differential and Integral Geometry, Number Theory. Applications to Computational Science and Signal, Information and Image Processing.
  • Mary W. Gray: Survey sampling. Applications of statistics to law, education, economics, development, and human rights. Legal issues in information technology.
  • Devin Green: DNA sequencing data, Gene interactions, Anti-microbial drug resistance, Antibiotic cycling, Discrete optimization, Graph Theory
  • Nathalie Japkowicz: Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data Analysis, Anomaly Detection, Data Stream Mining, Neural Networks. Application to Defense and Security, Cybersecurity, Medicine.
  • Mohammad Mehdi Owrang: Database Modeling, Intelligent Databases, Automatics Knowledge Acquisition, Data Mining on Medical Databases, and Breast Cancer Prognostic Modeling
  • Art Shapiro: Computational and psychophysical models of color, motion, and scene organization. Graphics and illusions. Visual computation at low light levels. Human representation of information. Reality: constructed, perceived, augmented and virtual.
  • Michael Treanor: Game design and game studies, Social simulation, Procedural content generation.
  • Bei Xiao: Human perception, Computer vision, Tactile perception, Image analysis, Computer graphics. Human and machine perception of physical properties of objects.