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Student Managed Investment Fund

students and teacher in SMIF class

Kogod's Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) provides students with an opportunity for real-world experience in securities analysis and portfolio management.

The Kogod School of Business launched the SMIF program in 2010, as a resource for students interested in financial inverstments. The SMIF program, listed as course FIN-576, is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Currently, students oversee about $850,000 in assets from a variety of positions, including analysts, fund managers, and portfolio managers. The program mimics the structure of an asset management team, similar to those at Fidelity or Vanguard.

Student analysts pitch an investment idea each week, which is then submitted to an advisory board for final approval. Using Kogod's cutting-edge Financial Services and IT Lab, students keep tabs on the fast-paced financial industry and gain practical knowledge that will make them more competitive in the job market.

About SMIF

SMIF class

The SMIF exists to create value both in the sense of investment return and professional growth. We simulate the real-world professional environment, fine-tune one's professional skills, and give analysts a collaborative experience to develop practical knowledge and skills in research, investing, portfolio management, and the dynamics of equity markets.

The students spend the semester acquiring research tools and reviewing the existing portfolio, identifying over and underrepresented sectors, and familiarizing themselves with the capital markets' conditions. Then they use thorough research to identify the stocks to be sold from, or added to, the portfolio.

SMIF class

Student Experience

Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, this course provides valuable, real-time experiential learning in securities analysis and portfolio management. While participating in the program, students gain a greater knowledge of investment topics and theories, as well as commonly used financial databases and decision-making software.

Students acquire valuable skills in the areas of research, investing, portfolio management, and the dynamics of equity markets that will make our students more competitive in the financial job market.

Students are able and encouraged to take the class for several consecutive semesters, gaining new responsibilities and positions each term. Student positions range from analysts to fund managers to portfolio managers, as well as accountants and economists.

Course Number: FIN-576 (Student Managed Investment Fund)
Prerequisite: FIN-469 or FIN-672 and permission of instructor


The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) was initially funded by a grant from the Kogod School of Business, two smaller funds managed by the Undergraduate and Graduate Finance Clubs, and gifts from interested donors.


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