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Johnson, Kyle
Assistant Director, University College and Sophomore LLCs

Anderson, Room 107 on a map

University College Program 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016 United States

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University College Staff

Brad Knight (he/him)

Senior Director, AU Core and University College

Hometown: Fremont, NE
Favorite place on campus: The sunlit SIS atrium & steps, which are good places to meet students or colleagues for a Dav coffee and to people watch. 
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: A run along the National Mall (a round trip from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial) is just shy of an easy 5 miles. 
Talk to me about... Fantasy novels, Politics, Being a first generation college student and/or LGBTQIA+, Research/career advice, My beagle

Kyle Johnson (he/him)

Assistant Director, University College and Sophomore Living-Learning Communities

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Favorite place on campus: Main Quad! Such a great place to see AU faculty, staff, and students come together.
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: Love grabbing an Everything Bagel and Cold Brew from Call Your Mother Deli and sitting in Logan Circle on a nice day!
Talk to me about... Orangetheory Fitness, Places to brunch, Why LLCs are so fun!, Being Multiracial and LGBTQIA+, My Goldendoodle

Adam Tamashasky (he/him)

Faculty Director, Complex Problems

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Favorite place on campus: The classroom (I love being in class!)
Favorite place in DMV: The Great Hall at the Library of Congress
Talk to me about... evil

Ashley Barnes (she/her)

Senior Coordinator, AU Cornerstone

Hometown: PG County Merr-lin! (Maryland)  
Favorite place on campus: Sitting area outside the library, facing Freidheim Quad
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: brunch, people watch, frequent Union Market and Navy Yard areas
Talk to me about... personal wellness, WNBA & NBA, running half/full marathons, GOGO/hip-hop/rap/R&B music, cars… vroom!, movies (oldies and recent), multiracial, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ 

Kyrsten Novencido (she/they)

Coordinator, Living-Learning Communities

SPL for Cohort C - Poison Dart Frogs & Cohort E - Lions

Hometown: Northlake, IL
Favorite place on campus: Quad space in front of the Library
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: Hiking followed by a big lunch
Talk to me about... your favorite food spots, your DnD OC, cozy games, horror movies

Alyssa Rubio (she/her)

University College & Sophomore Living-Learning Communities

SPL for Cohort G - Sloths

Hometown: Hercules, CA
Favorite place on campus: My personal walking route that goes all around campus!
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: Eating outdoors during sunny weather in Old Town Alexandria
Talk to me about... being a transfer student, being multiracial (AAPI & Latinx), teaching middle school English in DCPS, Love Island, Stardew Valley, what you've been reading

Paul Schroeder (he/him)

Program Assistant, AU Cornerstone

Hometown: Newberg, Oregon 
Favorite place on campus: Graduate Research Center 
Favorite place or thing to do in DMV: The Glover Archibald park is a great nature walk not far from campus. 
Talk to me about... hiking/camping or AUCS questions


Fall 2022 Senior Program Leaders

Gabby MacKay (she/her) 

Class of 2024
International Studies Major, Economics Minor
SPL for Cohort A - Giraffes

Likes: Pilates, cycle classes, classic rock, my dog, traveling, model UN
Dislikes: Olives, country music (most of it, anyway), and all-nighters

Alagu Vishwanathan (she/her)

Class of 2024
International Studies Major
SPL for Cohort B - Pandas

Likes: Boba, minimalist and unique jewelry, socializing
Dislikes: Cold classrooms, pessimism, bitter gourd

Ginger Felberg (she/her)

Class of 2024
Political Science Major, concentration in Public Policy
International Studies and Creative Writing Minors
SPL for Cohort D - Hawks

Likes: Dancing, cooking, and going to the gym 
Dislikes: Humidity, silence, and spiders 

Tanishka Talagadadeevi (she/her)

Class of 2023
Legal Studies Major and Justice and Law: Criminal Justice Major
SPL for Cohort F - Rhinos

Likes: Sweets, cooking, reggaeton music, anime
Dislikes: Flying, bugs, horror movies, hot weather

Hannah Ames (she/her)

Class of 2024
Political Science Major
SPL for Cohort H - Serpents

Likes: Independent bookstores, cats, Netflix documentaries
Dislikes: Mornings, city driving, horror movies