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Last name starts with A

Joanne Allen Professorial Lecturer CAS - Art

Joanne Allen is Professorial Lecturer of art history; she teaches General Education courses as well as more specialized courses on Medieval art, Renaissance art, and the history of architecture, with

  (202) 885-6822

Last name starts with C

Alexander Cromwell Instructor SIS - School of International Service

Alexander Cromwell is an Instructor at the School of International Service and the School of Professional and Extended Studies. His research and teaching interests include peace education, youth and p

  (202) 885-6650

Last name starts with D

Marion Dixon Professorial Lecturer SIS - School of International Service

Marion Dixon is a member of the International Development Program at American University's School of International Service. A broadly-trained sociologist, Dr. Dixon researches agriculture and food sys

  (202) 885-6588

Laura Duval Professorial Lecturer CAS - Psychology

Dr. Duval earned her bachelor's degree from Bowdoin College and her MS and PhD in Social Psychology from Tulane University. She arrived at American University in 2015. As the spouse of an active d

  (202) 885-1726

Last name starts with E

Noemi Enchautegui-de-Jesus Professorial Lecturer CAS - Psychology

Dr. Enchautegui-de-Jesus received her MA and PhD in Community Psychology from New York University. She was a postdoctoral fellow with the NIMH’s Family Research Consortium III at the University of Mic

  (202) 885-1773

Last name starts with F

Dustin Friedman Assistant Professor CAS - Literature

Dustin Friedman teaches courses in nineteenth-century British literature, LGBT Studies, and Gender Studies. His areas of interest include Victorian aestheticism and decadence, the history of sexuality

  (202) 885-2963

Last name starts with G

Claire Griggs Professorial Lecturer SPA - Justice, Law and Criminology

Claire Griggs is a faculty member in the Department of Justice, Law and Criminology in the School of Public Affairs. Professor Griggs serves as the Faculty Advisor to the SPA Leadership Program and th

  (202) 885-6684

Gerbrand Groen Senior Professorial Lecturer SIS-School of Intl Service

Professor Groen teaches Cross-cultural communication as well as Intercultural Competence at American University since 2006, prior to which he served as a management consultant in global business manag

  (202) 885-2659

Last name starts with H

Sarah Houser Professorial Lecturer SPA - Government

Sarah L. Houser is a professorial lecturer in the Department of Government in the School of Public Affairs at American University. Her research and teaching interests include patriotism and cosmopolit

  (202) 885-6263

Last name starts with J

Philip Johnson Associate Dean for Research CAS - Physics

Philip Johnson received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Maryland in 2000, as a member of the Gravitational Theory Group working on problems at the interaction of general relati

  (202) 885-2761

Last name starts with K

John Robert Kelley Assistant Professor SIS-School of Intl Service

John Robert Kelley is an assistant professor at the School of International Service, American University. Professor Kelley’s involvement in the study of public diplomacy over the last decade has coinc

  (202) 885-1558

Last name starts with M

Sarah Marsh Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Sarah Marsh holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Pittsburgh, and an MA and PhD in British literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her teaching interests include multi

  (202) 885-2984

Jesse Meiller Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS - Environmental Science

Jesse Meiller is an marine ecologist and environmental toxicologist. Jesse received her PhD from the University of Maryland in the Marine, Estuarine, Environmental Sciences (MEES) program after doing

  (202) 885-1780

Last name starts with N

Mohamed Nimer Assistant Professor School of Prof & Extd Studies

Dr. Nimer teaches International Affairs and Intercultural Understanding at the School of Professional and Extended Studies. He is author of The North American Muslim Resource Guide: Muslim Community L

  (202) 895-4921

Last name starts with O

Kristina Oakes Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Kristina Kasik Oakes earned her MA from Boston College and her BA from the University of New Hampshire. Prior to teaching at AU she taught high school English in Central Virginia and writing at Centra

  (202) 885-6364

Last name starts with P

Last name starts with S

Tazreena Sajjad Professorial Lecturer SIS-School of Intl Service

Dr. Tazreena Sajjad serves as Professorial Lecturer in the Global Governance, Politics and Security (GGPS) Program in the School of International Service (SIS) at American University in Washington D.C

  (202) 885-6572

Randa Serhan Assistant Professor CAS - Sociology

Randa Serhan is a political sociologist who is interested in immigrant communities, nationalism, and citizenship. She began graduate school in Canada where she was interested in gender and law. Since

  (202) 885-3383

Robert Sicina Executive in Residence KSB - International Business

Professor Sicina has 30 years of experience in senior executive positions at Citibank, American Express and various entrepreneurial endeavors. He worked for fourteen years in Latin America for Citiban

  (202) 885-1858

Nancy Snider Director, Music Program CAS - Performing Arts

Cellist Nancy Jo Snider is a member of the Opera Lafayette Orchestra and performs regularly in a variety of chamber and period instrument ensembles in venues ranging from The John F. Kennedy Center fo

  (202) 885-3872

Laurie Stepanek Professorial Lecturer CAS - Biology

Dr. Stepanek came to AU to teach and develop curriculum for the undergraduate Neuroscience major. She was previously an AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Science Foundation in th

  (202) 885-6824

Elke Stockreiter Associate Professor CAS - History

Elke Stockreiter is a historian of modern Africa. Her research and teaching interests include the histories of colonialism, gender, race, and slavery in Africa and the Indian Ocean World. Trained as a

  (202) 885-6740

Margot Susca Professorial Lecturer SOC - School of Communication

Margot Susca (Ph.D., Florida State University) is a professorial lecturer in SOC's journalism division who also heads the weekend M.A. program in Journalism and Digital Storytelling. She teaches cours

  (202) 885-3345

Last name starts with T

Adam Tamashasky Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS - Literature

Adam has been with the College Writing Program since 2004. He graduated from the University of Dayton in 1999 with a BA in English, then came to AU's MFA Program. His poetry most recently appeared in

  (202) 885-8933

Last name starts with W

Lauren Weis Director, WGSS CAS - Philosophy and Religion

I joined the American University faculty in 2008, and have been teaching courses in the history of philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, gender studies, and feminist theory. My philosophical research focus

  (202) 885-2926

Stef Woods Professorial Lecturer CAS - Critical RGC Studies

Stef Woods is a full-time professorial lecturer with the American Studies Program at American University. She specializes in social media, American popular culture, sexuality, nonprofits, and activism

Last name starts with Z

Perry Zurn Assistant Professor CAS - Philosophy and Religion

Perry Zurn is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at American University and Center for Curiosity Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. He researches in political philosophy, gender theory, and appl

  (202) 885-2964

Last name starts with V

Angela van Doorn Professorial Lecturer CAS - Environmental Science

Angela van Doorn is a zoologist who specializes in wildlife conservation. Her research focused on understanding and mitigating human/primate conflict in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa.

  (202) 885-6864