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Faculty Opportunities

Faculty can become involved with University College in a number of ways. Read below for details on how to sign up to teach for University College and benefits you receive from this experience.

Teach a Complex Problems Seminar

Faculty who would like to propose a Complex Problems seminar are invited to do so at various points throughout the year. Proposals are subject to review and potential revisions before they can be scheduled as Complex Problems seminars. 

The next call for proposals will be announced on the AU Core website

Teach in University College

University College faculty are expected to actively participate in the student community. Students live together, creating a unique opportunity for bonding both inside and outside of the classroom. In almost all cases, UC classes are taught in Anderson Hall in our newly renovated learning community classrooms. Once your Complex Problems course is approved, please indicate to us if you are interested in teaching a UC section. Note that UC sections are only taught in the fall semester.

Email any time to learn more.

Events in Anderson Hall

For Academic Year 2022-2023, the vast majority of students participating in University College live in Letts, Anderson, and Hughes Halls. In conjunction with the ongoing RiSE initiative, faculty are encouraged to participate in residential life programs, such as being a FYRE’d Up Faculty Member.

UC will also offer 6-10 events in the Fall semester. Some events will be targeted towards specific cohorts within UC, while others will attempt to reach students across the entire program. If you have an idea for an event, please email

Why teach in UC?

UC cohorts create the opportunity for faculty to meet and collaborate with colleagues from across schools and disciplines, as they provide students dynamic intellectual experiences.

Students who choose UC seek a more rigorous intellectual community in their classes, in the residence hall, and across campus. Teaching in UC gives faculty the chance to work closely with some of AU’s most committed and ambitious students.  

Cohorts will have the chance to begin coordinating shared programming, as well as possible curricular intersections in the prior spring semester, allowing for a greater range of possibilities. UC faculty members also receive early dedicated support from Senior Program Leaders and the University College team during the summer prior to the start of the academic year.

In addition to the programming budget each seminar receives, cohorts will get further funds for shared co-curricular programming. UC seminars will only be expected to offer two course-specific co-curricular activities (compared to the usual three), to allow them to participate in two cohort-based co-curriculars.

50 plus Faculty have taught in UC