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Cassell Fitness Center

An open fitness facility concept on North campus.

Opened in Fall 2013, this 8,000 square foot facility includes state-of-the-art fitness equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, cross trainers, upright and recumbent bikes, stairclimbers, free weights, and selectorized and plate loaded strength equipment. Additional features also include two group exercise studios, fitness assessment room, and small locker rooms.

Conveniently located on the first floor of Cassell Hall (separate entrance than the residence hall), the facility doubled the fitness space on campus when it opened. All Recreational Sports & Fitness members and current AU students are allowed to access both the Cassell Fitness Center and the Jacobs Fitness Center.

Features & Amenities

Free Weights, Kettlebells, & Racks:

1 set of 5lb - 45lb Kettlebell pairs
2 sets of 5lb - 50lb Dumbbell pairs
1 set of 55lb - 100lb Dumbbell pairs
2 Squat Racks
1 Smith Machine
2 Fixed Olympic Bench Presses
1 Fixed Incline Weight Press
3 Adjustable Free Weight Benches
1 Upright Seated Bench
2 Functional Trainers
Lat Pulldown

Plate-Loaded Machines:

Lat Pulldown
Low Row
Shoulder Press

Selectorized Equipment (one of each):

Back Extension
Biceps Curl
Chest Press
Chin/Dip Assist
Hip Abduction/Adduction
Leg Extension
Lat Pulldown
Leg Press
Prone Leg Curl

Additional Equipment:

BOSU Balls
Foam Rollers
Jump Ropes
Medicine Balls
Plyo Boxes
Stability Balls
Slam Balls
Bumper Plates
Resistance Tubing Bands
Seated Row
Shoulder Press
Triceps Extension

Equipment for Check-out (at Front Desk):

Wrist/grip straps
Resistance Bands
Ab Roller
Perfect Push-up
Weight Belts
Chained Weight Belt

8 Cross Trainer Ellipticals
4 Recumbent Bikes
12 Treadmills
3 Upright Bikes
3 Stairclimbers
2 Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMTs)
1 Upper Body Ergometer
1 Stepmill
1 Indoor Rower

Locker Rooms

General locker rooms (men's, women's, gender inclusive) include showers and changing areas.

Both the men's and women's locker rooms contain half-length lockers that individuals can use with their own personal lock (combination locks are available for purchase at the front desk for $10.00).

They are not for overnight use. They are only to be used for the duration of your visit at the facility.


There are small digital mini-lockers for day-use in the Cassell Fitness Center free of charge, that can store personal items while you work out.

Cassell Fitness Center has two exercise studios, with a divider wall that can be raised to create one large studio to accommodate our larger group exercise classes. Cassell Studios are home to many Group Exercise classes and academic HFIT activity classes.

Interested in reserving one of the group exercise studios for your student organization? All studios must be booked in advance. Restrictions apply. Contact Olivia at

The Fitness Assessment Room at Cassell allows Personal Trainers to work with their clients 1 on 1 for consultations and Fitness Assessments. Fitness Assessments will include heart rate and blood pressure measurements, body composition analysis, cardiovascular and muscular fitness assessments and flexibility testing. Personal Trainers design exercise programs based on the results of these basic health and fitness tests. Interested in a Fitness Assessment, click here.