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Tobias Reviews DOD's National Security Personnel System

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On August 25, the Department of Defense’s Defense Business Board (DBB) released the final report and recommendations from the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) review task force, of which Robert Tobias, Director of the Key Executive Leadership Programs and the Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation (ISPPI) at American University, was one of three members.

“I would like to thank the Defense Business Board task group for their broad and detailed review of the National Security Personnel System,” said Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III. “I look forward to reviewing their report as part of the department’s comprehensive review of this important issue. I commend the task group for taking on such a complex and important issue. As we work towards a final decision this fall, I plan to meet with the director of the Office of Personnel Management, senior leaders in the department, and outside stakeholders to discuss the findings and recommendations in the report.”

“I also thank the task group for their hard work on the review,” said OPM Director John Berry, “I expect this review will provide a thoughtful foundation for our deliberations on the next steps for NSPS.”

On May 15, 2009, Robert Tobias, was selected by the DBB to the three-member task force reviewing NSPS. The task force was well served by Tobias’s expertise in the area of public policy implementation. Tobias is currently the Director of both the Key Executive Leadership MPA and Certificate Programs, in which he also teaches courses on leading effective public policy implementation and leadership.

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