2020 Key FEDTalks & ISPI Workshop Series

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2020 Key FEDTalks: Key Executive Leadership Programs Workshop Series

The Key Executive Leadership Programs and the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) are partnering for the 2020 FEDTalks! This series centers on proven results-focused principles, practices and processes for the Performance Improvement Professional. Each workshop aligns with OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications and the 10 Standard of Performance Improvement. A certificate will be given upon completion of the full series.

2020 FEDTalks Workshop Dates

  • February 12, 2020: Performance Architecture & Reengineering*
  • Postponed - April 1, 2020: Building a Culture of Accelerated Performance*
    • Updates: April 9th via Zoom: Optimizing Performance in Times of Uncertainty 
  • September 16, 2020: Leading & Evaluating High Performing Organizations*
  • November 18, 2020: Executive Core Qualifications - How to Make Them Real
    • Previsouly titled: Enhancing Performance in the Federal Sector

      *indicates past event

5 Reasons to Attend the Key FEDTalks

  1. Provides a stimulating environment for Key current students and alumni, which is conducive to continued intellectual and professional growth.

  2. Cultivates professional connections between current students, alumni, faculty, and staff.
  3. Supplements your Key experience with subject matter relevant to improved leadership in the public sector.
  4. Current students and alumni are eligible to receive a certificate of completion for attending at least six seminars within a two year period.
  5. Allows the Key Executive Leadership Program to reciprocate the support and serve the public good.

The 2020 Workshop Series in Review

Executive Core Qualifications: How to Make Them Real with Dr. Judy Hale November 18th from 3:00PM to 4:30PM via Zoom

Dr. Judy Hale headshot

This FEDTalks session is about how to make the Executive Core Qualifications reflect everyday work life for members of the senior executive service. Organizations invest millions of dollars and thousands of hours in defining performance expectations so their people can be more effective. Most of those initiatives are short lived, rarely going beyond the tenure of the executive sponsor. The Executive Core Qualifications, though well-intended and excellently crafted, could be at risk of having a short life span. Hale, in her talk will explain what you can do to make the core qualifications real, part of your management toolkit and a reflection of your daily behavior. She will share the 18 reasons why initiatives like the Executive Core Qualifications fail, what the barriers are to sustainability, and what you can do to prevent them from becoming a short-lived fad. She will present a model of sustainability and will share stories of innovative tactics executives have taken to change their culture, so their senior staff demonstrate many of the behaviors described in the Executive Core Qualifications.

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Building High-Performance Teams with Dr. Jack Phillips September 16, 2020 via Zoom Video Conference Call

Key & ISPI FEDTalks Workshop Series. Building High-Performance Teams: Creating, Leading & Evaluating High-Performance Teams in Governments with Dr. Jack Phillips

Every organization wants high-performance teams. But just what does this mean? How are high-performance teams created? How do you lead and evaluate them? This session will explore these issues, underscoring the three main influences for building high-performance teams: The performance management system of the organization, The extent that culture supports performance, and The focus on innovation that encourages and supports innovative approaches to improved performance. This session begins with examining these three issues and how they influence high-performance organizations. Next, the session will focus on leadership, how it has changed, and the new definition of leadership as it relates to high-performance organizations. Finally, the session will explore how these teams are evaluated, using objectives with key results to drive high performance. Objectives After attending this session, participants should be able to:

1. Define a high-performance team.
2. Explain how a performance management system should support high performance.
3. Define the role of culture in driving high-performance organizations.
4. Describe how innovation should support the high-performance teams.
5. Explain the leader’s role in delivering high performance.
6. Evaluate high-performance teams at the impact and ROI levels.

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Optimizing Performance in Times of Uncertainty with Dr. Jim Hill April 9, 2020 via Zoom Video Conference Call

Optimizing Performance in Times of Uncertainty with Dr. Jim Hill in the Key FEDTalks with ISPI Workshop Series on April 9th

Session Description: The world is increasingly interconnected and digital yet, performance improvement approaches are typically flat and analog. In normal environments, this creates inefficiencies and vulnerabilities and tears at consultant-client relationships. When organizations shift to a virtual model, the challenges are magnified. As we consider the future of work, impending changes to the federal budget, and the addition of virtual work requirements, having effective methods and tools is crucial to empowering teams, saving time, reducing risk, and showing value.

Dr. Hill will discuss:

  • Three factors that lead to poor change results in normal times
  • Why traditional business tools are insufficient for virtual performance improvement actions
  • The business case for using the cloud to establish and sustain a performance-oriented culture
  • Examples – from local, state, and federal – of virtual support tools for planning, analysis, project management, reporting, and employee engagement
  • Four “must haves” for improving adoption

Additional Resources:
Presentation Slides
Part One Session Recording
Part Two Session Recording

Performance Architecture and Re-engineering with Dr. Rose Noxon Feb. 12, 2020 at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

FEDTalks: Performance Architecture and Re-engineering with ISPI and Key

About the SpeakerRose Noxon, PhD, CPT, President, International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI)

Dr. Rose Noxon has more than 35 years’ experience in business process improvement, learning and development, and performance evaluation and. She holds certifications as a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT), as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and also holds a Performance and Training Certificate from the ROI Institute. She has a PhD in Education with a specialization in Training and Human Performance Improvement from Capella University.

Rose has 18 years in government service, primarily in training and performance improvement, serving DoD and evaluating troop readiness including 5 years at the 7th Army Training Command in Europe. She is the founder of CACI’s award-winning corporate university and has designed and implemented numerous training and human capital governance processes for several Government agencies. Rose currently serves as a performance improvement solution architect and consultant with CACI, International, Inc. where she has worked with FAA, DHS, and DoD customers.

2019 FEDTalks Series Review

Last year, Key hosted five sessions focusing on various aspects of federal government and professional development. The 2019 FEDTalks Series featured coaching sessions, a panel discussion of women's growing roles in government, a look at the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act and increasing awareness, and other insightful discussions. You can read more about each session in the menu on the right.

Collage of FEDTalks attendees during session in February 2019

Session Information

Resilience and Mindfulness in Uncertain Times with Dr. Ruth Zaplin from Feb. 2019

Description: Coming off the heels of the longest furlough in United States history, this session will discuss practical ways to develop resilience and the role mindfulness can play. Moderated by Key Executive-in-Residence, Dr. Ruth Zaplin, join us for the first FEDTalks of 2019.

Participants also had the opportunity to directly interact with some of Key's Executive Coaches, Carlynn Larson, Mandeep Singh, Mimi Darmstadter and Vinay Kumar, and Key's Assistant Director, Jennifer Tether, for a more intimate and immersive learning session.

Women and the Future FEDTalks from April 2019

In this special edition of FEDTalks, participants who did not attend the Key Executive Women in Leadership Forum in March 2019, will have the opportunity to engage in a more intimate conversation with the presenters in this session.

Description: Research has shown women are more likely than men to face challenges in career advancement despite both groups reporting equal desire to succeed in their respective organizations. This panel will examine current trends and cultures surrounding women in the workplace, evaluate unconscious biases and innovative policies, and discuss how women can be successful in the face of today’s challenges through resilience and vision.

Speakers: Gwendolyn Sykes, Chief Financial Officer, US Secret Service and Zina Sutch, Ph.D, Deputy Associate Director of Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion at the Office of Personnel Management

Change Your Career Change Your Life FEDTalks from May 2019
Description: Join us for an interactive and informative discussion on how to "Change Your Career, Change Your Life." Moderated by Dr. Reginald Wells, former Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources at Social Security Administration and Key Faculty member, this dynamic panel discussion will provide participants with tools, tips, and personal anecdotes for moving on or moving up in your federal career.

Moderator: Dr. Reginald Wells, former Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources at Social Security Administration and Key Faculty member

Panelists: Cynthia (Gallegos) Cavalieri, Executive Director, Baltimore Federal Executive Board & Antonio Rios, Director, Federal Employees' Compensation, Department of Labor

Workplace Culture and Disability Rights FEDTalks from October 2019
Description: The passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in July 1990 made discrimination against those with disabilities illegal in the United States, enacting similar provisions applied in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, including requiring public spaces be accessible for those with disabilities, reasonable accommodations from employers and equity in the hiring process. However, as its 30th Anniversary approaches in the summer of 2020, there is still room for improvement in terms of accessibility, inclusion and equity for those with disabilities.

In honor of Disability Employment Awareness Month, this Key FEDTalks - Workplace Culture & Disability Rights - will feature a panel of experts in the field to enhance awareness, provide key tools and new thought processes for those in attendance to apply professionally and personally.

Moderated by Dr. Zina Sutch, Deputy Associate Director, Outreach, Diversity & Inclusion, Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the panel consists of Dr. Filippo Trevisan, Assistant Professor, American University School of Communication & Deputy Director, Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP), Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton, Principal Attorney & Mediator, Hamilton Law & Mediation, Gary Norman, Esq. L.L.M. Chair at the Md. Commission on Civil Rights, Washington College of Law Alumnus and Presidential Management Fellowship Alumnus and Natalie Veeney, Diversity Program Manager, Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion Center of Employee Services, Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Culture: A Mission-Critical Priority FEDTalks with Eagle Hill Consulting from November 2019
Description:  It’s no secret that an agency’s culture impacts its ability to successfully meet its mission. But what does the federal workforce really think about their agency’s culture? Working with Government Business Council, Eagle Hill recently polled federal employees on multiple aspects of culture—including leadership, employee satisfaction, and employee experience. What Eagle Hill found might surprise you. Join us to learn more about the research findings.

Speaker: Melissa Jezior, President & CEO, Eagle Hill Consulting