Anthropology Faculty and Staff

Orisanmi Burton Assistant Professor CAS - Anthropology

As a social anthropologist working in the United States (U.S.), my research examines the imbrication of grassroots resistance and state repression. Within this broad area of inquiry, my present work e

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Arvenita Cherry Professorial Lecturer CAS - Anthropology

Arvenita Washington Cherry is a socio-cultural and educational anthropologist with expertise on the African Diaspora, race and ethnicity, and racism. Her research focuses on social constructions of bl

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C. Anne Claus Assistant Professor CAS - Anthropology

C. Anne Claus is Assistant Professor in the Anthropology Department. C. Anne Claus is a cultural anthropologist who researches environmental issues in contemporary Japan. Her academic work investigate

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Richard Dent Associate Professor CAS - Anthropology

Prof. Dent is the author of Chesapeake Prehistory: Old Traditions, New Directions and a significant number of other publications on the archaeology of the Chesapeake and Middle Atlantic regions. He ma

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Chapurukha Kusimba Professor CAS - Anthropology

Chapurukha (Chap) Kusimba  holds his degrees from Bryn Mawr (PhD) and Kenyatta University in Nairobi. His specialties include the archaeology of complex societies and the origins of inequality, ancien

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Manissa Maharawal Assistant Professor CAS - Anthropology

Manissa Maharawal's research focuses on the spatial and temporal dynamics of contemporary urban social movements in the United States, from Occupy Wall Street and anti-gentrification activism to Black

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Adrienne Pine Associate Professor CAS - Anthropology

Adrienne Pine is a militant medical anthropologist who has worked in Honduras, Mexico, Korea, the United States, Egypt, and Cuba. In her book, Working Hard, Drinking Hard: On Violence and Survival in

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Daniel Sayers Associate Professor and Department Chair, Anthropology CAS - Anthropology

Trained in philosophy, anthropology, history, and archaeology, Dr. Sayers is a Historical Archaeologist who works in the United States. Currently, his Great Dismal Swamp Landscape Study is exploring t

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Gretchen Schafft Public Anthropologist in Residence CAS - Anthropology

The major foci of Gretchen Schafft’s career have been minority/majority interface, social justice, education and access to health care in the United States. In addition to her doctorate in anthropolog

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Sue Taylor Public Anthropologist in Residence CAS - Anthropology

Taylor had extensive experience in nursing administration and clinical practice when she pursued a career in anthropology focusing on issues of health and gerontology. She directed a graduate program

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David Vine Professor CAS - Anthropology

David Vine is author of Base Nation: How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World (Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt, August 2015) and Island of Shame: The Secret History of the U.S. Military

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Rachel Watkins Associate Professor CAS - Anthropology

My research focuses on the biological and social history of African Americans living in the 19th and 20th century urban US. I began this journey studying the health consequences of poverty and inequal

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Buck Woodard Professorial Lecturer CAS - Anthropology

Buck Woodard is a cultural anthropologist specializing in historical and applied research, with interests in ethnographic and ethnohistorical writing, and ethnological study of indigenous North Americ

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